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An underground bunker with its door wide open

3 Advantages of an Underground Bunker

Are you considering installing an underground bunker on your property in Oklahoma? As a resident of Oklahoma and nearby states, it’s quite necessary to have access to a safe room or storm shelter, as South America is bombarded with earthquakes and tornadoes all year.

Underground bunkers have historically been used in times of war, but with modern technologies, they have been adapted to homes and community spaces for protection against many crises.

Here are a few advantages of having an underground bunker in or near your home.

Safety During Natural Disasters

Depending on how they’re built, underground bunkers offer homeowners safety against natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, cyclones, and many others. Given the climate of where you live, your bunker should be ideally built, keeping in mind the kind of disasters you might face.

For example, in areas where floods are common, underground shelters should be made using non-porous materials – such as steel – to avoid seepage. In the same vein, underground bunkers and storm shelters built using concrete can provide solid protection against tornadoes.

Protection Against Man-Made Disasters

If you find yourself in a burglary situation, your underground bunker can serve as a safe room from where you can call for help. Similarly, if the electric grid in your area fails, your bunker – if equipped with the right items – can be your haven to ride out the disaster.

For more information about the kind of protection an underground bunker can afford you and your family, call us at 405-367-7901.

The inside of an underground bunker with some essentials on both sides of the walls.

Increase In Property Value

Because tornadoes and earthquakes are as common as they are in Oklahoma and neighboring states of the South, underground bunkers and safe rooms oklahoma can add to your home’s property value. So, whenever it’s time to sell the place, you’ll gain financial benefits from the investment you made earlier.

Now that you know of the benefits an Underground bunkers in OKC brings, it’s time to call in the experts at Oklahoma Shelters for a free shelter quote! Our bunkers are FEMA-approved and can be custom-built according to your requirements. You can also browse through our website to discover our varieties of flat-top and slope-top shelters and choose between concrete or steel underground bunkers if you’d like.

For a specialist to weigh in, call us between the hours of 7:00 am to 10:00 pm any day.


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Saving for a safe room can be challenging, but with a little financial planning, it's easier than you think!

Struggling with Budgeting for Your Storm Shelter? Here are 3 Tips

Storm shelters are essential for homeowners living in OKC and other parts of Oklahoma too. With the frequent tornadoes and how unpredictable these weather events can be, it’s important to invest in this addition to your home as soon as you are able to do so.

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4 Tips on Replacing and Replenishing Supplies from Your Emergency Kits

Many of us hope to never see the day a disaster strikes, and we’re forced to rely on emergency kits and supplies. But living in Oklahoma where tornadoes and hurricanes are the norms, there’s very little room to go with the flow. You should have a storm shelter or tornado shelter in your home, and have it prepared with supplies. We’ve written about essentials on earlier blogs, but here we’ll discuss something different.

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3 Spooky Décor Ideas for Your Storm Shelter this Halloween

Living in Oklahoma, you’ve probably come to realize how essential having a storm shelter or underground bunker in your home is. But this practical investment and addition to your home doesn’t need to be anything boring; in fact, in addition to doubling as partial storage space during the off-season, it can also be handy for holidays and events such as Halloween.

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Gloves will help protect your hands against reactions and from the transfer of viruses and bacteria.

Ways to Disinfect Your Storm Shelter with DIY Solutions

Pull out those gloves, sponges, water buckets, and spray bottles because we are going to talk about something very important, especially in light of 2020: cleaning your storm shelter.

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Build a tornado safety plan for emergencies, involving, and factoring in the needs of all family members.

4 Tips on Building a Tornado Emergency Plan for Your Family

Tornadoes tend to occur from spring till early fall in most parts of Oklahoma, but in truth, they are one of the most unpredictable weather events, leaving you and your family vulnerable at any time.

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Storm shelters can experience wear and tear over time—but you can have them replaced and upgraded.

4 Signs Your Storm Shelter Needs to Be Replaced

In places like Texas and Oklahoma, many of us have grown up having access to storm shelters and cellars in our homes, keeping us safe from the weather and the danger that comes with it.

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Shelter Construction

Tips on Choosing the Best Shelters for Your Home

Choosing the right shelter for your home is essential. Our company offers various types of shelters, each with a range of benefits that are perfect for your home. But in addition to receiving a free quote and on-site evaluation, we’ll help you find the right shelter too.

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Storm Shelter

Staying Safe and Preventing Getting Trapped in Your Shelter

Tornado shelters are an essential space to hide out in because they’re designed to withstand the worst impact from tornadoes and the debris that flies during them. But as important as hiding and seeking safety inside is, it’s even more important to manage your safety after a storm.

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Shelter Construction

Safety First: What Not to Do When a Tornado Strikes

When a disaster or emergency such as a tornado strikes, it’s easy to give in to the panic and make decisions based on sheer instinct—and misinformation. There’s a lot of dangerous knowledge and several harmful myths surrounding tornadoes and how to deal with them.

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