Underground Garage Shelters

Underground Garage Shelters
Our Underground Garage Shelters are a great option for many homes. They meet and exceed FEMA standards and they will Not Float. We concrete in your shelter on the bottom of all 4 sides. We attach the Garage Shelter to the slab with RE-BAR and Concrete at the top of the shelter.

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Below is a Video of an Underground Garage Shelters being Installed.

Underground Garage Shelters Sizes

3’x7′ and 4’6″ Tall 6-8 people
5’x7′ and 5’6″ Tall 9-12 people
5’x8′ and 5’6″ Tall 10-14 people
(we can make any of the sizes above 6′ Tall for $600 extra)

5’5″x9′ and 6’2″ Tall 12 – 16 people

10 Year Warranty against Leaks or Corrosion
We cut the slab, dig the hole for the shelter and haul off everything
1/4″ Solid Steel Lid
Garage Shelter Lid does not stick up above the slab
Lock sliding door design that includes a secondary emergency opening hatch
Removable Stairs and Benches with non-slip coating
Store away handrail and Vented lid
Commercial grade weatherproofing
Meets or exceeds FEMA guidelines

Our Underground Garage Shelters are a great option. Underground Garage Shelters don’t take up space in your garage. The shelter is installed underground in your garage. With this design your vehicle can be parked in the garage.  Your car is parked over the shelter and can have access to your vehicle. This is a space saving design for your garage. If you have a tornado warning to get in to your shelter. This shelter will keep you from having to go outside in bad weather.

In Oklahoma bad weather can happen fast.  Just recently in May 2015 there have already been several tornadoes. It caused hail and tornadoes. You can get into the shelter and you don’t have to go outside.

At Oklahoma Shelters we have Underground Shelters. Underground Cement Shelters. Steel Safe Rooms. Our shelters pass the Texas Tech Impact Test. Each shelter is tested to withstand flying debris. That comes from an EF5 tornado.  They meet and exceed FEMA 320 and ICC-500 Standards.  All of our shelters have an Engineer Approved Seal.

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