Concrete Storm Shelters 

Concrete Storm Shelters
The Concrete Storm Shelters are installed below ground. A Slope Top or Flat Top to fit your needs.

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Concrete Storm Shelters Sizes

Slope Top Shelter
5’x7′ and 6’2″H
6’x8′ and 6’2″H
4’6″x11′ and 5’10″H (new design for easy access)
7’x10′ and 6’2″H

Flat Top Shelter
5’x7′ and 6’2″H
7’x10′ and 6’2″H

All Concrete Storm Shelters have a 10 Year Warranty against leaks and corrosion.
They come with a Staircase that has Double Handrails.
There are Vents on Top of the Shelter.
Steel Door with gas assisted hinge for easy opening.
The Storm Shelter can be Stamped or Stained.

Every Shelter has been Tested to withstand an F5 Tornado.
Our Shelters Meet and Exceed FEMA 320 & ICC-500 Standards.
We have an Engineer Approved Seal for our shelters.

Underground Concrete Storm Shelters

An Underground Concrete Storm Shelters is a great option. The State of Oklahoma is in tornado alley and has a lot of tornadoes every year. Oklahoma Shelters can help protect you against these storms. Our company installs Underground Concrete Shelters at your home or at your business. Both options will protect you against a tornado.

Here are some facts about Tornadoes. Tornadoes can create damage in excess of one mile wide. Some tornadoes can be on the ground for 50 miles. a tornado is more likely to occur between 3 pm and 9 pm.

The key to tornado survival is having a plan. As part of your plan Oklahoma Shelters can help you by installing an Underground Concrete Storm Shelters. This will help protect you against these storms.

Oklahoma Shelters is a Storm Shelter Company. We build and install Underground Concrete Storm Shelters, Underground Garage Tornado Shelters, and Steel Safe Rooms. All of these are great options. Each of our Tornado Shelters have passed the Texas Tech Impact Test. Each shelter has been tested to withstand flying debris from an EF5 Tornado. They meet and exceed FEMA 320 and ICC-500 Standards. The shelters have an Engineer Approved Seal.

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A truly fantastic company!

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It is rare to find a business as professional, service oriented, and motivated to do quality work as Oklahoma Shelters! 

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They were great and I highly recommend.

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We were very pleased with our new storm shelter. 

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Great company! Informative, organized and easy to work with. 

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Communication was top notch, the main reason I chose this company over any.

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Very easy process. No hassle or pressure to buy and a good price.

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Best company I've ever dealt with. 

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