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The oldest chartered town in Oklahoma City, Choctaw was given its township status in 1904 and has been home to a vibrant community of hardworking people since then. Although a small town with a humble population, Choctaw is home to the Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center and various other high-quality educational institutes that attract students from all over the state. It’s also got several tourist attractions and entertainment hubs, such as art parks, art venues, and restaurants, making Choctaw the perfect vacation spot for people looking to relax.

On any given day, you’ll spot children playing sports at the Bouse Sports and Recreation Complex while the adults enjoy food and conversation at The Black Raven Pub. All in all, Choctaw is a delightful part of Oklahoma State and has a strong sense of togetherness binding the people together.

But alas, the one thing that the wonderful people of Choctaw have to contend with is tornadoes every year. In 2022, a tornado twister of 100 to 110 mph hit Choctaw and destroyed several homes and buildings. It lasted about 25 minutes and covered an area of 1,700 feet across 18.8 miles. Choctaw is within Tornado Alley, receiving an average of about 54 tornadoes every year! Now that’s probably higher than most areas in Oklahoma City, meaning that the people of Choctaw have to contend with a lot more warnings and therefore require high-quality shelters to ride out these violent storms.

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Given the danger that tornadoes pose to the people of Choctaw, Oklahoma Shelters is extending its services of high-quality storm shelters and safe room installations to this town! This means that if you live in Choctaw, you no longer have to struggle to find a well-reputed storm shelter provider. Our experts have been in the business for years, allowing us to grow and provide solutions to even the most complex safe room installations, which means that we can address any concern that you might have regarding your safety inside a storm shelter.

All our shelters and safe rooms come having passed the Texas Tech Impact Test while also meeting all of FEMA’s safe room guidelines and criteria. And depending on what kind of safe room you’d prefer, we can offer you a broad range of shelters, including concrete storm shelters, steel garage shelters, safe rooms, and underground bunkers. You can also customize the shelters to have a slope or a flat top, depending on your space requirements.

Our shelters also come with a lifetime warranty against corrosion and leakages, and we also offer free shelter quotes for all incoming clients. So, if you’d like to fit your garage with a high-quality and reliable underground bunker, or you’d much rather have a steel safe room fitted inside your home, our expert contractors can get that done in less than 24 hours. Call us today to begin your installation process.

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