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Lawton is located 87 miles southwest of Oklahoma City and is the capital city of Comanche County. It’s most popular for the Fort Sill Army Base, which covers almost 95,000 acres of land but offers various entertainment options for families and friends, such as movie theatres, water parks, and, most notably, camping activities across the Wichita Mountains. Lawton is a vibrant city of fun-loving people with high-quality educational facilities and public transportation systems.

Unfortunately for residents of this lively town, tornadoes are common during April, May, and June, which can cause thousands of dollars worth of property damage and leave several injured. The deadliest tornado in Lawton’s history occurred in 1957 south of Lawton in the Cotton and Comanche counties, which took four lives and left five injured. The path this tornado took was at least 22 miles long, with a width covering 880 yards. Some of the damages this tornado caused include 12 homes destroyed and several buildings damaged, 70 cattle killed, and many farmsteads damaged.

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The people of Lawton, OK, deserve safe shelter from tornadoes or other natural disasters that might plague their city. And we value your safety against any kind of disaster that threatens your safety and that of your loved ones. That’s why Oklahoma Shelters is committed to providing the best storm shelters in Lawton for home and business owners.

We have a broad variety of storm shelters in steel and concrete, including garage storm shelters and underground safe rooms. Each of our storm shelters and safe rooms is built to exceed the safety requirements mandated by FEMA, which means that you’ll remain safe even against the deadliest kind of tornado, the EF5. We also conduct an additional test on our shelters, the Texas Tech Impact Test, making your shelter even safer.

But that’s not all. Depending on the space you have on your property, our experts can come and visit your home in Lawton and advise you on which shelter is best for you and your family. If you live with ailing grandparents or have a family member who uses a wheelchair, we ensure that your shelter is easily accessible for every member of your family. Some of our safety features include a 1/4″ Solid Steel Lid for our underground garage shelters and anchor bolts every 12 inches across the steel door of our safe rooms. And these are but a few safety measures that come with our shelters.

Oklahoma Shelters has been in the business for several years and has become one of the best storm shelters and safe room providers across the state. We’ve installed both residential and commercial storm shelters, some of which include community storm shelters installed at army bases in Iowa and Kentucky. So, if you’d like to have your commercial property fitted with a top-quality underground bunker in Lawton, or if you’d prefer an above-ground concrete storm shelter for your Lawton home, call us 405-367-7901 for a consultation. Our storm shelter experts will meet you on the other line and confirm our visit to your property to begin the process.

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