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Known as having the largest suburb area in Tulsa, the city of Broken Arrow is approximately 115 miles from Oklahoma City and is considered the fourth biggest city in Oklahoma State.

Broken Arrow is mostly known for its diverse topography and entertainment hubs, such as the Broken Arrow Performing Arts Center, the Historical Society Museum, and the popular Rose District Farmers Market, among others. The city is also considered an important manufacturing spot, with companies like FedEx Ground and FlightSafety International being prominent employers and service providers. All in all, Broken Arrow is a diverse city that offers several attractions to incoming vacationers as well as long-time residents.

Like some other cities and towns in Oklahoma, Broken Arrow is also at risk of experiencing dangerous storms and tornadoes. Since 1974, the city has experienced many tornadoes that have uprooted homes and vegetation and taken down several buildings. According to the US authorities, the chances of damages sustained by tornadoes are much higher in Broken Arrow than in most other places across Oklahoma, making it an exceptionally vulnerable area to natural disasters. This is why Oklahoma Shelters endeavors to offer its storm shelter and safe room services to residents of the area.

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We have a broad range of top-notch shelters and safe rooms, which you can find in both steel and concrete. If you have a garage, we can set up an underground storm shelter or an above-ground safe room, depending on how you’d want to utilize your space. Rest assured that all our shelters and safe rooms come with the engineer’s guarantee as well as FEMA’s approval. Both these features mean that our products can keep you safe even against an EF5 tornado. And depending on the kind of shelter you choose, we guarantee that you can fit up to 16 to 20 people at a time.

Our process begins with an in-house consultation on your residential or commercial property. This is when our contractors will examine and assess your property to see where a shelter can be installed, keeping in mind the regulations we adhere to. Once a location is finalized, our experts will walk you through the installation process, which involves assembling the storm shelter off-site and bringing it to your property, where the installation is to take place. If you’ve chosen an underground garage shelter, our team will first dig the area up and then fit the shelter inside, which will approximate 4 to 5 hours. On the other hand, above-ground shelters and safe rooms take less time to install, as no digging is required.

We also offer flat-top and slope-top options in concrete storm shelters that can be installed underground. To make their appearance more noticeable, you can add a stamp and stain design on them for an additional $400 in two distinct patterns (block and flagstone). To place your orders or ask questions regarding our products and services, call 405-367-7901 today.

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