Custom steal safe room and durable storm shelters in Edmond, Oklahoma

Edmond is located in the heart of Oklahoma City and functions as its primary metropolitan area. With a population of around 94,000 people, the city is vibrant and never sleeps! From quality children parks for some intimate family time to a delightful evening of fresh wine and cheese at the local winery, the city casts a spell on everyone, owing to the wide range of activities and events it has to offer to residents and travelers alike.

If there were one downside to living here, it would be the frequent tornadoes that ravage the glorious city of Edmond. The biggest tornado in Edmond recorded to date was an F4 intensity tornado that cut a 9-mile path and was about 1760 yards wide. While fortunately there weren’t any deaths, there were several residents that sustained injuries owing to the strong winds that knocked over trees and sent rubble flying around.

If you’re a resident of Edmond, Oklahoma, we know you love the city as much as we do, and would do anything to stay safe in it. As such, you must be prepared for the numerous and destructive tornadoes that frequently come barreling into the city. To ensure the safety and protection of your loved one, you must invest in quality safety measures that help you stay unharmed and unscathed as the storm howls above you—and Oklahoma Shelter can help you do just that!

We’re the leading manufacturers and installers of storm shelters in Edmond and other parts of Oklahoma. With over seven years of experience in the industry, we have quickly risen through the ranks to become a quality service provider that’s rated more than any other storm shelter company in Oklahoma.

We’re Channel 4’s official storm shelter experts and strive to provide nothing but the best services to our clients. Whether you’re scared of flying debris or strong winds causing loss of life, our custom storm shelter solutions will help you curb the extent of all damages efficiently.

Our storm shelters and safe rooms exhibit the highest level of structural integrity as they’re made from premium material. They exceed the safety and structural requirements set by FEMA and have also passed Texas Tech Impact Test. Our storm shelters are built to stand their ground against excess wear and tear and can be customized to fit in as many people as you want. In addition to that, we provide a warranty against leaks and corrosion, so nothing comes in the way of your loved ones’ safety.

We build steel safe rooms, garage shelters, underground bunkers, and concrete storm shelters. Our services extend to the protection of both residential and commercial properties. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we use our own qualified engineers and employees to install shelters. Our trained engineers use state-of-the-art equipment to design, manufacture, and install the storm shelters in Edmond.

Choose from our various storm shelter options in Edmond, Oklahoma, and ensure the protection of you and your loved ones once and for all. Get started by calling us at 405-367-7901 for a free and no-obligation consultation today.

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A truly fantastic company!

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It is rare to find a business as professional, service oriented, and motivated to do quality work as Oklahoma Shelters! 

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We were very pleased with our new storm shelter. 

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Great company! Informative, organized and easy to work with. 

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Communication was top notch, the main reason I chose this company over any.

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I loved it, the install was quick and easy. I liked this company so much that they put one in for my parents.

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Very easy process. No hassle or pressure to buy and a good price.

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Best company I've ever dealt with. 

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