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Situated in the Pottawatomie County of Oklahoma, the city of Shawnee is east of downtown Oklahoma City, where you can get to in approximately 45 minutes. Shawnee has a humble population of around 30,000 to 32,000 people and houses several museums and heritage centers, such as the notable Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art, where artifacts from various cultures and civilizations (Native American, Egyptian, etc.) are housed.

Shawnee is also home to many parks and has a long history of sports including baseball and basketball. The Woodland Veteran’s Memorial Park is a famous recreational site that residents often visit to enjoy nature and read at the Carnegie Library, which is but a walk away from the park. Residents of the city take pride in the fact that the first baseball team in history was formed in Shawnee in the 1900s. But besides sports, visitors to Shawnee can also check out the Shawnee Little Theatre for live entertainment or head to The Black Hawk Casino. This a town where everyone can find something to look forward to, be it sports, history, or live entertainment.

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But one calamity that Shawnee’s residents have to face every year is tornadoes, especially the more dangerous ones. In May 2013, Shawnee saw one of its deadliest tornadoes, rated at EF4, which gravely injured 10 people and killed 2. This tornado was part of an outbreak of tornadoes that also hit nearby states such as Texas, also resulting in extensive property damage. Homes across Shawnee were completely destroyed, and many were left without a roof after the storm. Approximately 30 to 35 mobile homes were completely wrecked and knocked over tractor trailers that came in the tornado’s way. This tornado also led to the US 177 shutting down for the night as well as some lanes on Interstate 40.

With this much devastation, we find it our duty to offer safety from violent tornadoes and other natural disasters that may harm the lives and livelihoods of Shawnee residents. This is why Oklahoma Shelters is extending its services of providing top-of-the-line storm shelters and safe rooms to homeowners and businesses in Shawness.

We build and install garage shelters, underground bunkers, and safe rooms in steel or concrete, depending on your preference. All our shelters come with a warranty against corrosion and leakages for up to 10 years and pass the Texas Tech Impact Test. We also take great care in making our shelters exceed the safety guidelines mandated by FEMA, which means that even during an EF5, you’ll remain safe inside and be able to ride out the storm.

Our experience building safe rooms spans several years, which has led to our company becoming one of the best safe room providers in Oklahoma state. If you think your home needs a new safe room or you’d like to upgrade to a garage storm shelter in OK Shawnee, call us directly to set up your consultation.

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