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Spacious concrete storm shelter with bright lighting

All You Need To Know About Concrete Storm Shelters

Constructing storm shelters, also called safe rooms, can help alleviate some of your anxiety with high-velocity wind storms and destructive storms on the horizon. When confronted with a strong storm, most individuals seek shelter in an interior room or the cellar.

That being said, even those places aren’t built to resist high winds and the flying debris that goes along with them. Keep in mind that a safe room is more than just a place to hide in the event of a storm.

Here’s all you need to know about concrete storm shelters:

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Underground safe room’s door opened

Essential Features Of Safe Rooms

A safe room is a reinforced structure designed to fulfill FEMA standards and give near-absolute protection in catastrophic wind events like tornadoes and hurricanes.

Based on our current understanding of tornadoes and hurricanes, those who have a safe room designed in line with FEMA guidance have a very high possibility of being protected from injury or death in the event of a tornado or hurricane.

The following essential elements should be present for a safe room:

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Red car parked in an underground garage shelter 

5 Benefits Of Underground Garage Shelters

Many experts think of underground garage shelters when discussing below-ground protection for vehicles.

It seems that people assume that underground garage shelters are safer for a variety of reasons, such as the fact that they may be erected in a variety of locations. One of these is that the layer of the soil gives an additional layer of protection and reduces its visibility.

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storm over fields

Tornado Oklahoma 2013: A Story of Devastation And Hope

The horrific tornado that uprooted entire towns in Moore, Oklahoma, occurred in 2013. The tornado was one of the most powerful tornados in US history. On the scale of tornado intensity, the 2013 Moore Tornado was an EF5. For those unfamiliar with tornado ratings, the Enhanced Fujita (EF) scale categorizes tornados according to windspeeds from starting from EF-1, continuing to theoretically as high as windspeeds can go.

However, to put things in perspective, the worst tornados in the world have not exceeded EF-5 or EF-6. Being a tornado-prone state, Oklahoma was prepared with storm shelters and underground bunkers, yet 24 fatalities and an estimated $2 billion in infrastructural losses made the 2013 tornado one of the worst in US history.

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incoming tornado

A Quick Guide to Surviving a Tornado

A tornado may look like an awe-inspiring force of nature when seen on TV or from a distance. However, up close, tornados are terrifying and destructive. Just the horrible sound of an incoming tornado is enough to send chills down your spine. When close enough, debris picked up by a tornado is more dangerous than the high-speed wind, especially in urban areas where all kinds of metallic and other heavy objects can get sucked up and rained down at any second. In areas wit frequent tornadoes, people invest in storm shelters to keep their loved ones safe. Those who do not, or are not close to their storm shelters, need to think quick and follow the given steps to survive:

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Why is Maintaining Your Tornado Shelter Important?

Installing a tornado shelter alone isn’t enough. Maintaining your storm shelter requires some upkeep. You must make sure that your home tornado shelter is equipped with fresh and adequate supplies for you and your family. Even mild tornadoes can cause enough damage to your water and electricity supply that you might be spending more time in there.

Here is a list of supplies you should stock in your tornado storm shelter to ensure your family can stay comfortably during a hurricane or a tornado.

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Tornado in an open field

What to Look for in a Storm Shelter?

Oklahomans start putting serious thought into their weather safety plans as spring approaches every year. Being situated in the Tornado Alley, a region in central United States frequented by seasonal high winds, storms, and tornados, Oklahoma and other states like Texas, Louisiana, Kansas, and Iowa, are prone to extreme weather at least once every year.

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Dark clouds over a house

Best Ways To Prepare For Tornado Season in Oklahoma

Residents of Oklahoma know that the extreme weather season of the state is hard to deal with. It’s a factor that keeps Oklahomans confused the whole year, and they have to be fully prepared before the storm season hits the state. Oklahoma is notorious for its tornadoes and recently broke the record for most tornadoes in the year 2019.

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tornado shelter

How To Build A Storm Shelter In Your Own Backyard

If you live in the Tornado Alley where violent storms and tornados occur frequently, you must not be alien to storm shelters. Protection from high-speed winds, flying debris, and even lightning in some cases, is an absolute necessity when a tornado is incoming.

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a girl calming her cat

How to Calm Your Pets During a Storm

Does your furry friend get scared and hide in a corner when they hear the noise of thunder?  That’s because pets feel more threatened by the sight and sounds of a storm.

In a panic-stricken state, your pet might run off, pace around only to injure themself while trying to seek shelter. We understand how troublesome it can be during a storm to plan out your evacuation and calm your pets at the same time.

Let’s take a look at how you can help your four-footed friends feel safe during the chaos!

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