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Choosing The Perfect Storm Shelter

Thinking about getting a storm shelter? Check out our infographic to help you in choosing the perfect storm shelter for your home.

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A garage shelter installed by Oklahoma Shelters inside a house in Oklahoma

3 Different Ways A Garage Shelter Can Be Used

If you live in one of the suburbs of Oklahoma City, where there are higher chances for tornadoes and storms, you might have a garage shelter, or you might be thinking of installing a garage shelter on your property.

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A concrete storm shelter installed in a home in Oklahoma

3 Tips for Choosing Between A Concrete and A Steel Safe Room

If you’re living in Oklahoma City, Texas, you need to be prepared for tornadoes and storms. The best way to protect yourself and your family from these natural disasters is by having a storm shelter installed in your home.

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An easy access to an underground concrete shelter in Oklahoma

Above-Ground vs. Underground Storm Shelter for Norman, Oklahoma

In April this year, a severe storm swept through Southern Oklahoma, Texas, killing 6 people and injuring over 30 individuals. If you live in Norman, a suburb in Oklahoma City, it’s a good idea to invest in a storm shelter for better protection against the weather.

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Entrance to an undergroundgarage shelter in Oklahoma

3 Benefits of Installing a Portable Garage Shelter in Your Oklahoma Home

Portable garage shelters are becoming popular in Oklahoma, especially in small homes that don’t have a garage attached to them.

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A closeup of a radio’s dial.

Steps to Prepare for A Hurricane

Hurricanes cause great loss of lives and property, and experts recommend staying indoors when one makes way into your area. Thankfully, forecasts can predict an estimate of when a hurricane might enter a region, allowing the inhabitants to prepare beforehand for the issue. These are some of the things to have on you for when a hurricane hits your area:

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A grey above the ground storm shelter.

Above-Ground vs In-Ground Storm Shelters

The two most common options for storm shelters are above-ground and underground storm shelters. While they both serve the same purpose, serving as a safe place to hunker down during rough weather, they both have their pros and cons.

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A grey colored indoor storm shelter.

4 Advantages of Above Ground Storm Shelters

Above-ground shelters enjoy a great deal of popularity among potential buyers of storm shelters. They operate in the same manner as underground bunkers, differing only in the installation location for the most part.

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Installing or preparing your storm shelter is an important step in securing your home.

3 Safety Measures to Take if You’re Hosting Friends and Family for Socially Distanced Holidays

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, or any other holiday, the season is upon us, and it’s the perfect time to be around the people you love. But with that being said, it’s vital that you take certain safety measures and precautions to help keep your loved ones safe.

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Having a storm shelter installed in your home before the holiday season can help you keep your family safe.

Why You Need a Storm Shelter Before the Holidays Roll Around

With November coming to a close and the holiday season being just a few weeks away, it’s incredibly important that you protect your home and family during this time. Investing in a storm shelter may not seem like the most obvious choice when you think of necessary measures, but you’d be surprised at how essential it is.

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