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A car about to be hit by a tornado in Oklahoma City.

5 Ways to Prepare for a Tornado

Most tornadoes occur during spring from the month of April to June, however, they can strike at any time, so you always have to be prepared. You might be traveling, or alone at home or your children might be alone at home. It’s always important to keep everyone aware of the circumstances and procedures to be able to act quickly.

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People going into underground bunkers while a tornado is whirling in Oklahoma City.

Why Underground Storm Shelters Are Important in Oklahoma

Oklahoma experiences bad weather quite often, especially in spring, which is why people have to be prepared for the reported tornadoes as soon as possible. Most people opt for an underground storm shelter to stay safe when a storm or tornado rips apart homes.

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Why Every House Needs a Storm Shelter

With tornadoes and storms getting more and more destructive, homeowners need to understand the importance of adding a storm shelter to their property.

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Oklahoma And Its Tornadoes

Over 1200 tornadoes hit the United States per year, with some of them reaching a wind speed of 300 mph. Oklahoma is where the most frequent tornades strike and cause extensive destruction, leading to loss of lives and damage.

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A child learning about where tornado winds originate from.

Talking To Your Kids About Tornadoes: Everything You Should Know

Hearing about the weather situation in Oklahoma is devastating, to say the least. What we often don’t realize is how our children respond and digest this news. From seeing distressing pictures on the television, overhearing mom and dad’s conversations, or simply discussing it with their friends at school, children are curious beings who find ways to learn about the calamities of nature. Some news can affect your child in ways unknown; this is why it’s best to educate them about these situations so they know how to channel their thoughts and feelings.

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A tornado and thunder lightening up the sky.

4 Things to Keep In Mind When Preparing For a Tornado

April, May, and June are peak months for tornadoes in the Tornado Alley. While this might bring about a stressful and challenging time for residents, the two critical means to ensure safety are preparation and action. Let’s look at the example of fire drills; every building usually conducts a fire drill to ensure that the people present know precisely how to react and what to do in case of a fire emergency. Similarly, natural disasters also require preparation and planning to curb damages. Here are some tips to keep you and your family safe in case of a tornado:

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An outdoor safe room for storms in Oklahoma.

3 Basic Elements of a Safe Room Design in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is known for its raging thunderstorms and history of destructive tornados. These have not only claimed the thousands of lives but have uprooted homes and businesses, leaving the survivors with nothing.

This is why you’ll find a safe room or storm shelter in almost every home in Oaklahoma, as residents take safety and security very seriously. If you’re new to the city or are considering building a safe room in your house, here’s everything you need to know: 

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A tornado about to hit Oklahoma.

What Makes Oklahoma So Prone To Tornadoes?

Did you know that there have been 320 tornados in Oklahoma since 1950? The risk level of these natural disasters is very high, with a yearly average of 5! According to records, Oklahoma city’s largest tornado was the F5 in 2013, causing 24 deaths and 212 injuries. This is why people across the city are investing in storm shelters and safe rooms in their homes. But what makes Oklahoma so prone to these disasters? Read on to find out: 

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a tornado about to hit Oklahoma

Community Storm Shelters—What They Are and What You Should Bring with You

Are you thinking of getting a community shelter built in your Oklahoma City neighborhood before the spring? That’s a great idea because most of Oklahoma’s many tornadoes actually hit from April to June—and those months aren’t very far away.

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Deadly tornado in Oklahoma

Choosing the Right Garage Storm Shelter for Maximum Protection

We wish buying a garage storm shelter was as easy as buying a garage door, but it really isn’t. You aren’t just choosing a garage door listed on a website and sending measurements—you’re buying something that can make the difference between life and death when the situation arrives.

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