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collapsed buildings after a tornado

4 Benefits of a Community Storm Shelter

It can be a hassle to ensure the safety of hundreds of people during a tornado. Most workplaces in the US don’t have adequate sheltering options despite constant tornado warnings.

To play your part in keeping your employees safe and invest in a community storm shelter. Let’s take a look at why it’s important and beneficial.

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strong waves

Tornados Guide 101: How to Build Your Safe Room Accordingly?

Natural disasters can be deadly, and the aftermath is overwhelming to deal with. If there’s a storm warning issued in your area, the first thing you should do is plan out the evacuation plan for you and your family.

Installing a safe room or storm shelter in Oklahoma can help you ensure your protection during the tough times. Let’s take a look at how you can build it according to your family’s needs.

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man feeling scared

How to Cope With Tornado-Anxiety?

Do you find yourself constantly fearing an impending tornado? We completely understand your situation.

The frequent tornadoes in Oklahoma have affected the mental health of many citizens. Lilapsophobia is the fear of tornadoes and hurricanes, and that’s what you might be going through.

Let’s take a look at some methods that may help you deal with emotional distress.

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garage shelter installation by Oklahoma Shelters

Portable or In-Built Garage Shelters: What’s Better?

More than 800 tornadoes hit different parts of the US annually.  Hence, investing in a garage shelter can help you stay safe during tough times.

But wait, are you confused between getting a portable or in-built shelter?

We’ve compared the pros and cons of the two to make it easier for you to decide. Find out which one is the best option for you, according to the FEMA design guidance for storm shelters.

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Shelter for a family

5 Essential Underground Bunker Supplies

The underground might be the only place where you can have your privacy secure.

But this is just a salient point on underground living and all that it brings. If disaster strikes, we have to be ready for anything to ensure we have access to basic amenities of life.

Here’s everything that you need to ensure that your family stays safe during a raging tornado or hurricane.

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Safe room attached to the side of the house

The Difference between a Safe Room and a Storm Shelter

Compared to other natural disasters, tornados are typically affect smaller geographical areas. However, they occur more often than earthquakes and hurricanes and cause more loss of life.

Records from 1950 to 2019 show that tornadoes caused 5,900 deaths in the United States. More and more people are opting for safe rooms and storm shelters as their due diligence of doomsday prep.

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Tornado Hitting A Brown Field

Top 5 Things you Must Have in Your Storm Shelter

This year 25 tornadoes have hit Oklahoma already. You should be prepared for the grave repercussions of the natural disaster.

However, preparing a storm shelter in Norman and other areas surrounding it sounds so overwhelming that people often tend to overlook what items they must have in it.

We’re here to make it easy for you and help you stay vigilant. This blog will list everything you shouldn’t forget to have in your storm shelter.

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Tornado in Oklahoma

5 Things to Consider Before Building a Storm Shelter

Are you worried about the storm season coming in? Want to minimize the risk of natural disasters? Unsure of how to build a storm shelter?

Storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes are quite unpredictable. Hence, it is very important to stay alert and prepared to keep yourself safe when a natural disaster hits. A storm shelter is one of the safest ways to stay protected during a natural disaster.

This blog will list all the necessary measures you should take before building a storm shelter in Norman or surrounding areas.

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4 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Storm Shelters

Everyone wants to ensure they remain safe from storms but often hesitate when it comes to investing in storm shelters. They may be unsure about the functionality, value, versatility, and overall soundness of these safe havens. According to the records, there are 14,817 registered storm shelters in Oklahoma that account for only 6% of homes.

We’ve listed all reasons why we think installing a storm shelter is necessary.

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lightning before a thunderstorm

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Ground Storm Shelters

Ground storm shelters can be safer than you expect them to be. Storm shelters and emergency plans help save approximately 10,000 lives each year.

At Oklahoma Shelters, we help shield you from climate-related mishaps. Here are five things you should know about over the ground tornado shelters:

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