Frequent Asked Questions – Oklahoma Tornado Shelters

Tornado Shelters questions we have from our customers:

Q. Where in Oklahoma are you located?
A. We are located in SW OKC near the State Fairgrounds at 2501 SW 15th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73108. We are on SW 15th Street between May and Pennsylvania on the North side of the street.

Q. Do you have a Showroom?
A Yes we do have a show room. We have our Safe Room’s and Garage Tornado Shelters on display. We have our Concrete Underground Tornado Shelters on display in our parking lot.

Q. What type of warranty do you offer?
A. We have a 10 year warranty against leaks or corrosion on our Shelters and Safe Rooms.

Q. Do you give a Free in-home consultation?
A. Yes, our on-site consultations are always free. We will have one of our professional team members come to your home or business at no cost to advise you of the best location for your Storm Shelter or Safe Room if you are in the Oklahoma City metro area.

Q. How can I get on the installation schedule?
A. To get on the installation schedule we need to know what type of Shelter or Safe Room you are wanting. We will do a free consultation with you about which works best for you. After you decide which is best for you we will write up a contract and collect a deposit to get on the installation date.


Q. Do I need a permit?
A. In the Metro City area’s you typically do need a permit, in some of the out laying City Area’s a permit is not required. If you do need a permit we will help you with the paper work which includes, the permit application, site plan, and the certified engineer drawings of the shelter. You will bring this to the city and they will process your permit application.

Q. What time does the installation process start?
A. We will set the time and day on the contract. For a morning installation we will be there between 8-9am. For an afternoon installation we will be there between 1-2pm.

Q. How many people can my Storm Shelter or Safe Room hold?
A. This depends on the size of the Storm Shelter or Safe Room. Underground Garage Tornado Shelters come in 4 sizes and can hold 4-16 people. Underground Cement Shelters come in 4 sizes and can hold 4-16 people. Safe Rooms come in 6 sizes and can hold 4-20 people.

How long is the install?

Q. How long does it take to install an Underground Garage Shelter?
A. Typically it takes about 4 hours to install the Garage Shelter.

Q. Can I park my vehicle over the Underground Garage Shelter?
A. Yes. The Underground Garage Tornado Shelters are designed to be straddled over your vehicle. In most of the Garage Tornado Shelters we install you can access the Garage Storm Shelter without having to move your vehicle.

Q. How long does it take to install a Concrete Underground Shelter in our yard?
A. It usually takes about 4 hours to install an Underground Shelter in your yard.

Q. Can I pick anyplace in my yard to put in a Concrete Underground Shelter?
A. No, if you need a permit there are guidelines as to how far it needs to be from the property line. OKIE Dig will come out and mark the lines in your yard. For well or septic tank we will look at the layout.

Q. How long does it take to install a Safe Room?
A. The Safe Room is custom built and we have already measured where it is going at your house. It usually takes about 1 hour to install the Safe Room.

Q. What if I have any other questions?
A. Call us at 405-367-7901 for any other questions.

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James Benton
One of our friends recommend them, they did an excellent job

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The best company I've ever dealt with, you will not regret it.

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A truly fantastic company!

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It is rare to find a business as professional, service oriented, and motivated to do quality work as Oklahoma Shelters! 

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They were great and I highly recommend.

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We were very pleased with our new storm shelter. 

Monette Chain
Great company! Informative, organized and easy to work with. 

Burly Big
Communication was top notch, the main reason I chose this company over any.

Jorge Martinez
I loved it, the install was quick and easy. I liked this company so much that they put one in for my parents.

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Very easy process. No hassle or pressure to buy and a good price.

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Best company I've ever dealt with. 

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