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The city of Cushing is one of the world’s leading hubs for crude oil trade and is known for dispersing oil through several pipelines across America. Having storage spaces and refineries across its landscape, Cushing can hold upwards of 90 million barrels of oil that can be transported via pipelines and railways all over the country. And with the economic boom that the oil trade brought to the city, authorities have since set up multiple amenities for residents which include a healthcare center and regional hospital, high-quality public education facilities, and various entertainment hubs e.g. restaurants, cinema, golf club, and community theatre among others. A most notable attraction in Cushing is the Aquatic Center and waterpark where you can always see families and friends having a great time.

If there’s anything that disrupts this town’s vibrant and upbeat atmosphere is the threat and frequency of tornadoes. In total, 168 tornadoes have been recorded in or near Cushing OK, all of which have resulted in property damage and topographical disruption, with the biggest tornado in Cushing occurring in 1960, which was rated F5. This event lead to 5 fatalities and injured 81 people, destroying several trees and taking down power grids across the oil hub. Because Cushing is at a significantly higher risk of getting tornadoes than other places in Oklahoma, we extend our safe room and storm shelter services to the wonderful residents of this town.

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Our extensive range of storm shelters and safe rooms includes concrete storm shelters, underground bunkers and garage shelters, and safe rooms made using steel or concrete, all of which can be customized according to the number of people in your family. We can install our products in both residential and commercial properties as we have all the relevant licensing and approvals from authorities. For workplaces and businesses, we also present the option of installing community storm shelters that can keep you and your employees safe during a tornado among other natural disasters.

What makes our shelters stronger than the rest is our rigorous testing process. Not only is every shelter or safe room we build FEMA-approved, but we also make sure they pass the Texas Tech Impact Test before being installed on any property. The steel safe rooms we build all come with a steel door that’s reinforced with anchor bolts that are placed 12 inches apart and two big vents to keep the air circulating properly.

Similarly, our concrete safe rooms have a 36-inch steel door and are reinforced using a rebar cage for added stability and protection. Although the standard height for our safe rooms is 6 feet, we can customize that to suit your unique needs and those of your family, such as making them wheelchair accessible, adding a railing, etc. To begin your shelter installation, call us directly and get a free quote on your shelter or safe room.

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