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a tornado destroying a house in Oklahoma

Natural Disasters in Oklahoma—A Timeline

Oklahoma is the third-most disaster-prone state in the U.S.—and tornadoes particularly love visiting over and over again. Floods are pretty common, too, but tornadoes really take the cake. And that isn’t even scratching the tip of the iceberg.

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A steel safe room for storms in Oklahoma.

All You Need To Know About Safe Rooms in Homes

A safe room, as the name suggests, should provide safe lodgings during any storm or catastrophe. You can use it during a tornado or while there’s a security risk in the area. However, it’s not just any corner of the house with special locks on the door. The construction and design of a safe room should suffice guidelines set by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA.)

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A palm tree swaying in the wind during a storm.

Storm Safekeeping: What To Keep In Your Storm Shelter?

Getting a storm shelter built underground in your home in Oklahoma is not all you need to do to prepare for a storm. You need to stock your shelter up with basic necessities. Here’s a list of things you’ll need.

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A tornado and thunder lightening up the sky.

Emergency Storm Drill: How To Protect Yourself During a Tornado

The blog on “The Deadliest Tornadoes That Have Hit Oklahoma” is enough to send chills down your spine. Never in your worst dreams do you want to imagine your loved ones becoming a number in the statistics of casualties. You hold your friends and family dearer than anything else and want to protect them at all costs. We understand that, and we hear you.

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A tornado about to hit Oklahoma.

The Deadliest Tornadoes That Have Hit Oklahoma

Oklahoma has a dreadful history of receiving some of nature’s deadliest tornados. These have taken many loved ones, destroyed homes, and snatched means of livelihood from people. This is why the residents take preventative measures seriously and invest in storm shelters and safe rooms in their homes in Oklahoma.

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Choosing The Perfect Storm Shelter

Thinking about getting a storm shelter? Check out our infographic to help you in choosing the perfect storm shelter for your home.

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A garage shelter installed by Oklahoma Shelters inside a house in Oklahoma

3 Different Ways A Garage Shelter Can Be Used

If you live in one of the suburbs of Oklahoma City, where there are higher chances for tornadoes and storms, you might have a garage shelter, or you might be thinking of installing a garage shelter on your property.

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A concrete storm shelter installed in a home in Oklahoma

3 Tips for Choosing Between A Concrete and A Steel Safe Room

If you’re living in Oklahoma City, Texas, you need to be prepared for tornadoes and storms. The best way to protect yourself and your family from these natural disasters is by having a storm shelter installed in your home.

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An easy access to an underground concrete shelter in Oklahoma

Above-Ground vs. Underground Storm Shelter for Norman, Oklahoma

In April this year, a severe storm swept through Southern Oklahoma, Texas, killing 6 people and injuring over 30 individuals. If you live in Norman, a suburb in Oklahoma City, it’s a good idea to invest in a storm shelter for better protection against the weather.

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Entrance to an undergroundgarage shelter in Oklahoma

3 Benefits of Installing a Portable Garage Shelter in Your Oklahoma Home

Portable garage shelters are becoming popular in Oklahoma, especially in small homes that don’t have a garage attached to them.

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