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A tornado shelter in Oklahoma covered in snow

How to Prepare Your Family for Tornado Season: Tips from Oklahoma Shelters Experts

As tornado season approaches, residents in tornado-prone areas like Oklahoma understand the critical importance of preparation and tornado shelters. While tornadoes can strike unexpectedly, having a well-thought-out plan in place can significantly mitigate risks and ensure the safety of your family.

Keep reading and explore different advice from experts from Oklahoma shelters to compile essential tips for preparing your family for tornado season.

Develop a Family Emergency Plan

Start by creating a comprehensive emergency plan that outlines procedures for different scenarios, including sheltering during a tornado. Assign specific roles to family members and establish communication protocols to ensure everyone knows what to do in an emergency.

Identify Safe Shelter Areas

Determine the safest areas in your home where your family can seek shelter during a tornado. Basements, storm cellars, or interior rooms on the lowest level without windows are ideal. If you don’t have access to a designated shelter, consider investing in a tornado shelter or identifying nearby community shelters.

Invest in a Tornado Shelter

Consider installing a tornado shelter on your property for added protection. Oklahoma shelter experts can assess your property and recommend the most suitable type of shelter based on factors like soil conditions, available space, and budget. Investing in a tornado shelter provides peace of mind, knowing you have a secure refuge during severe weather.

Stock Up on Emergency Supplies

Prepare an emergency kit containing essential supplies such as non-perishable food, water, medications, first aid supplies, flashlights, batteries, and a battery-powered weather radio. Keep your emergency kit in your designated shelter area for quick access during an emergency.

Stay Informed

A storm shelter in Oklahoma outside

Stay informed about weather conditions and tornado warnings in your area. Sign up for weather alerts on your smartphone and monitor local news and radio stations for updates. Familiarize yourself with tornado warning signs, such as dark green or gray skies, large hail, and a roaring sound similar to a freight train.

Practice Tornado Drills

Conduct regular tornado drills with your family to ensure everyone knows what to do during an emergency. Practice seeking shelter quickly and efficiently, and review your emergency plan regularly to address any changes or updates.

Secure Your Home

Take proactive measures to secure your home and minimize potential damage from high winds and flying debris. Trim trees and shrubs, secure outdoor furniture and equipment, reinforce garage doors, and consider installing impact-resistant windows or shutters.

Act Now for Peace of Mind: Schedule Your Free Consultation Today

Protect your loved ones from the dangers of tornadoes and severe storms with Oklahoma Shelters. Our expertly engineered storm shelters and safe rooms provide proven protection against extreme weather conditions.

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Tornado safety services by Oklahoma Shelters

The ABCs of Tornado Safety: A Beginner’s Guide to Sheltering in Oklahoma

If you’re new to tornado-prone regions like Oklahoma, understanding the ABCs of tornado safety is your key to navigating the storm. This blog serves as your beginner’s guide, unraveling the basics of emergency preparedness, shelter options, and heightened weather awareness.

Let’s embark on this journey to fortify your safety and confidence during tornado season.

1. Awareness of Tornado Alley

Discover why Oklahoma is part of the notorious Tornado Alley and what this means for residents.

2. Basics of Tornado Formation

Dive into the science behind tornado formation. Understand the atmospheric conditions that give rise to these swirling phenomena, empowering you with the knowledge to anticipate and respond effectively.

3. Crafting an Emergency Plan

Learn the essential elements of an effective tornado emergency plan. From designated meeting points to communication strategies, we guide you through all.

4. Assembling an Emergency Kit

Explore the must-have items for your tornado emergency kit. From water and non-perishable snacks to first aid supplies, ensure your kit is stocked and ready for any storm-related scenario.

5. Choosing the Right Shelter

Navigate the options for tornado shelters, from safe rooms to storm shelters. Understand the differences, advantages, and considerations to make the best choice for you.

6. Conducting Shelter Drills

Prepare for tornado season by practicing shelter drills. This step-by-step guide ensures that when the sirens sound, you and your family know exactly what to do and where to go for maximum safety.

7. Staying Informed: Weather Alerts and Apps

Stay ahead of the storm with real-time weather alerts and apps. Uncover the best tools to keep you informed about developing weather situations, enabling you to take timely action and seek shelter when necessary.

8. Community Resources: Local Emergency Services

Explore the role of local emergency services in tornado safety. Understand how to leverage community resources, from designated storm shelters to emergency response teams, fostering a sense of collective safety.

9. Family Communication Protocols

Delve into the importance of clear communication within your family during a tornado event. Establish communication protocols to ensure everyone is accounted for and informed about the unfolding situation.

10. Insurance Preparedness

Learn about the significance of insurance in tornado-prone areas. Uncover the types of coverage that can safeguard your property and belongings, providing financial security in the aftermath of a storm.

 Inground concrete shelter

As you absorb the ABCs of tornado safety, remember that knowledge is your greatest ally. From understanding tornado basics to crafting a personalized safety plan, you’re now equipped to face tornado season with confidence. Oklahoma Shelters is here to support you every step of the way. Stay safe, stay informed.

Embark on your tornado safety journey with confidence. Oklahoma Shelters is your partner in creating a robust safety plan and providing top-tier tornado shelters.

Contact us today to make your tornado season worry-free. Your safety is our priority.

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Beyond Tornadoes: Understanding Oklahoma’s Diverse Weather Patterns

Oklahoma is renowned for its dynamic weather, and while tornadoes often take center stage, the state experiences a rich tapestry of weather patterns throughout the year.

In this exploration, we’ll take a broader look at the various weather phenomena that shape Oklahoma’s climate, providing a deeper understanding beyond the tornadoes that are frequently associated with the region.

1. The Dance of the Seasons

Distinctive Spring Storms

Spring in Oklahoma heralds the arrival of severe weather, with tornadoes being a common occurrence. However, it’s not just tornadoes; thunderstorms, hail, and torrential rain are also part of the seasonal repertoire. Understanding these springtime dynamics is crucial for preparedness.

Sizzling Summers

Oklahoma’s summers are characterized by high temperatures and occasional heatwaves. While tornadoes are less frequent during this season, the state experiences severe thunderstorms and the occasional flash flood, emphasizing the importance of staying weather-aware.

2. Fall’s Tranquil Transition

As fall settles in, Oklahoma experiences a welcome relief from the scorching summer heat. Tornadoes become less frequent, but the state still encounters thunderstorms. Fall is an ideal time for residents to review and replenish their emergency preparedness plans.

3. Winter: A Season of Surprises

Winter in Oklahoma can bring surprises, with ice storms and snowfall occasionally blanketing the landscape. While tornadoes are rare during this season, residents must prepare for freezing temperatures and the associated challenges.

4. Unveiling Spring’s Theatrics

Springtime in Oklahoma is a visual feast, with wildflowers blooming across the plains. Yet, the season also brings unpredictable storms. While tornadoes dominate headlines, the state experiences a ballet of thunderstorms, hailstorms, and the occasional flash flood.

Navigating Storm Preparedness

Understanding the dynamics of spring storms is essential for residents. Oklahoma Shelters provides not only tornado shelters but also storm shelters engineered to withstand the array of challenges that spring can bring. Our commitment is to keep you protected in any weather scenario.

5. The Summer Sizzle

As summer unfolds, Oklahoma basks in the sizzle of high temperatures and sporadic heatwaves. While tornadoes take a backseat, severe thunderstorms remain a concern. Residents are urged to stay weather-aware, and our shelters offer a secure haven during tumultuous summer weather.

6. Embracing the Fall Palette

Fall provides a respite from the intensity of summer. As the weather cools, it’s an opportune time for residents to review and replenish their emergency preparedness plans. Although tornadoes diminish, fall can bring its own set of weather surprises.


Be Prepared for Every Season with Oklahoma Shelters

Oklahoma’s diverse weather patterns require residents to be prepared for a range of conditions. At Oklahoma Shelters in Oklahoma City, we understand the importance of staying safe year-round.

Our storm shelters are engineered to withstand various weather events, providing reliable protection for you and your family.

Contact us to explore our range of shelters and ensure you’re prepared for Oklahoma’s diverse climate.

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A tornado seen from a distance in Norman, OK

3 Risky Mistakes You Should Avoid During Tornado Warnings

Tornadoes are one of nature’s most destructive forces that can occur with little to no warning. They can uproot trees, hurl cars into the air, and turn houses into rubble. Preparedness and quick action can help you survive a tornado.

In 2021, the US was hit by 1376 tornadoes which took the lives of more than 100 people. One way to ensure protection is by seeking shelter in safe rooms and other tornado shelters. You don’t have room for mistakes while dealing with a tornado, so here are some that you should try to avoid.

Ignoring Tornado Warning

People often get confused between a tornado watch and a tornado warning. A tornado watch is simply an alert for people in a specific area to prepare themselves as tornadoes may form. Tornado warnings are indicators that a tornado has formed close by in the area and is on the move.

Sometimes these tornado warnings can be false, as nothing happens, but this doesn’t make it a reason to ignore them. Not taking a tornado warning seriously may put you at a greater risk. Evacuate to a storm or community shelter immediately rather than staying at home when a tornado warning is issued in your area.

Opening Windows and Doors

Some people open windows and doors as soon as they hear tornado warning sirens. They believe that opening windows and doors equalizes the wind pressure and prevents the home from exploding if a tornado hits. It is a misconception. In fact, opening windows and doors would increase the likelihood of flying debris entering the home and causing more damage.

Opening them can endanger your life and reduce your home’s structural strength. Don’t waste time on a useless act and try to evacuate to underground shelters as quickly as possible.

A small cabin destroyed by a tornado in Oklahoma City, OK

Standing Close to Windows

When a tornado warning is issued, some people run toward windows to check if they can see the tornado. It’s another common mistake that people make, unaware of tornado dangers.

Tornadoes have high wind speeds, which can go up to 300 mph. Window glass can shatter from wind and flying debris. Glass shards and other flying debris moving at high speed can cause serious damage. Standing too close to windows can put your life at risk, so stay as far as possible from windows to keep yourself safe. Evacuate to window-less shelters such as underground storm shelters to ensure maximum protection.

Get Safe Room Installed in Your Home  in Norman, OK

Tornado shelter installation in houses is the best solution for dealing with tornadoes. Safe rooms approved by FEMA can withstand the strongest ones. If you want a tornado shelter installed in your home, why not consider us? At Oklahoma Shelters, we provide Community Shelter and tornado shelters built-in line with FEMA standards. We have a range of tornado shelters, including safe rooms, garage shelters, underground bunkers , and storm shelters oklahoma  etc. Get a tornado shelter installed that matches your budget and requirements.

Contact us for a free quote and get customized safe rooms according to your need.


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4 Tips on Building a Tornado Emergency Plan for Your Family

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