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Build a tornado safety plan for emergencies, involving, and factoring in the needs of all family members.

4 Tips on Building a Tornado Emergency Plan for Your Family

Tornadoes tend to occur from spring till early fall in most parts of Oklahoma, but in truth, they are one of the most unpredictable weather events, leaving you and your family vulnerable at any time.

Oklahoma has been devastated by surprise tornadoes in the past, too, making them highly volatile and adding to the urgency and necessity of having a tornado preparedness and safety plan.

Some of the key factors to consider when preparing these plans to include:

1.     Factor in how many family members there are

If you’re a large family, your storm shelter needs to accommodate all of you. We offer custom tornado shelters, such as underground bunkers and garage shelters that can be built to fit your entire household, including pets. The bigger your family is, the more airtight your tornado safety plan must be, and the more cognizant you need to be of everyone’s ages, dependency, etc. while a seemingly obvious factor, many people will put their families in danger by opting for standard-sized shelters instead of custom ones.

2.     Keep in mind special needs and physical challenges

Now that you’ve patted down the size of your family including pets, be mindful of other challenges and needs. Do you have a special needs family member? Someone who will require accessibility and mobility aids such as ramps, railings, and more? What kind of arrangements is necessary there? The type of storm shelter you get will also depend on this, with steel safe rooms being one of the most disability-friendly options for your home.

Teach your kids the correct and safe usage of the storm shelter, so they are not dependent on you for safety.

3.     Designate roles across family members

Each family member should know what to do in case a tornado strikes. If your kids are old enough, designate roles and duties such as grabbing the pets on their way in, or helping to carry emergency supplies, grabbing first-aid kits, etc.

This could also be something as simple as recognizing tornado watches and warnings and seeking shelter until adult supervision is available. A lot depends on how old your kids are.

4.     Practice caution if you have pets

Pets are undoubtedly core members of the family, so it’s only fair if you want to take them into your shelter. But this will need preparation, especially if your pets are easily startled and prone to getting jumpy.

Keep their supplies stocked, medication, or toys that might help calm them, warm clothing or blankets for them, as well as their water and food bowls. If your pets are outdoors, ensure that they have safe, adequate shelter.


Your storm shelter should always be stocked with certain medical supplies, canned food, spare water, and warm clothing, among other items.

If you don’t have a shelter in your home, you should reach out to us for a free estimate and more information.

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