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Storm shelters can experience wear and tear over time—but you can have them replaced and upgraded.

4 Signs Your Storm Shelter Needs to Be Replaced

In places like Texas and Oklahoma, many of us have grown up having access to storm shelters and cellars in our homes, keeping us safe from the weather and the danger that comes with it.

Frequent tornadoes and twisters make them a necessity rather than a luxury because, over the years, community shelters have been shut down because of the danger they pose and how they put people at risk.

But given that a lot of people have had storm shelters for years, it might be time to upgrade to something safer, sturdier, and more secure such as our slope top shelters or underground cement shelters. What are the most evident signs of wear and damage to your storm shelter?

Storm shelters can experience wear and tear over time—but you can have them replaced and upgraded.

1.     Corrosion, wear, and tear

Corrosion and wear are some of the most common indicators that it’s time to do out with the old and in with the new. Beyond just rust, if you’re noticing that the shelter walls, doors, or parts of it are beginning to show signs of wear or there’s an obvious sign of damage and age, you’re better off having your shelter replaced because this could lead to other issues listed below.

2.     Leaks through doors, edges, walls

A result of corrosion, loose hinges, damage, and dents, is that your shelter could start to leak too. This is especially dangerous for underground shelters where water can infiltrate and be hard to remove, damaging your belongings, as well as increasing the risk of drowning during heavy rainfall.


Whether the walls are leaking, indicating fissures and cracks, or there are leaks through the door and more, you should apply for a new shelter.

Get in touch with us for a new shelter installation, where our team will handle every aspect of the process.

3.     Compromised and damaged structure

Your shelter should be able to withstand the most intense impacts from wind, debris, and other weather elements. If you find that the structural integrity is being compromised and your concrete shelter, or even steal safe room is unable to provide you with adequate security, safety, or withstand damage, you should not wait much longer.


4.     It’s inconvenient and dangerous to access

Another major sign that you should replace your shelter is that it’s becoming hard to access. Many of us have had storm cellars in our backyards, basements, and near our homes, but if you find that due to factors like age, lack of space, accessibility issues, and more, your shelter is less and less secure, invest in a private shelter that is within your home.


Our storm shelters undergo the Texas tech impact test multiple times before reaching you, which is why we are able to offer you the kind of security that we do. They also have a 10-year warranty against corrosion and leaks. Learn more when you get in touch with us.

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