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A steel safe room being aired out after cleaning.

3 Cleaning Hacks To Keep Your Storm Shelter Ready At All Times

Keeping your storm shelter clean is crucial for your safety and well-being. Fortunately, our storm shelters come with a 10-year warranty against corrosion and leaks, which takes that issue off your hands.

However, there’s still a lot that you can do to keep your tornado safe room clean and safe regardless of the season. Typically, tornado season peaks between April and June, but they can strike any time—as can hurricanes and severe thunderstorms. Since you never know when a destructive weather episode will come your way, it’s better to keep your safe rooms clean at all times.

A steel safe room being aired out after cleaning.

Keep these cleaning hacks in mind for the easiest maintenance all year long.

1.     Choose Precisely What Goes In There

You’re not alone in using the storm shelter as a storage space. When tornado season isn’t in full swing, it’s common to store things like clothing and linens in the shelter, but it’s essential to realize that you shouldn’t treat it as a closet either.

Your storm safe room is meant to offer you and your family refuge when a tornado hits, so you must ensure enough space for everyone whenever a watch or warning is issued. Instead, store items that can be used as emergency supplies, like flashlights, warm clothing, blankets, stools and benches.


2.     Replace Old Supplies Every Few Months

Keep food and perishables from going to waste, even if they’re canned. You can either donate unused food or consume it. You should donate medication and other supplies too.

Make sure there’s at least a few weeks before the expiration dates so they can be used in time. This will clear up space for fresh supplies in your shelter without any waste.

Tornado shelters require regular cleaning and maintenance for your safety.

3.     Clean Out Corners And Surfaces Every Few Months

No matter how secure and safe a room is, spiders and bugs can still make their way in. You need to make sure no cobwebs and dust have settled in corners, ducts and vents.

The dust can cause breathing problems, irritation, and allergies. Make sure to dust, sweep and mop the floors and walls, clean out your ducts and vents, so you don’t experience any allergic reactions.

Disinfect surfaces and air out the space to let out fumes, smells, moisture, and any other potential irritants.

Additionally, you can also grease latches, locks and tighten up bolts and screws that may have come loose.


If you have any concerns or are looking to replace your old shelter for a high-quality, long-lasting one, get in touch with us to order storm shelters in OK. We also offer underground bunker delivery and installation. Alternatively, you can also schedule a free inspection at our website.

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