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A tornado seen from a distance in Norman, OK

3 Risky Mistakes You Should Avoid During Tornado Warnings

Tornadoes are one of nature’s most destructive forces that can occur with little to no warning. They can uproot trees, hurl cars into the air, and turn houses into rubble. Preparedness and quick action can help you survive a tornado.

In 2021, the US was hit by 1376 tornadoes which took the lives of more than 100 people. One way to ensure protection is by seeking shelter in safe rooms and other tornado shelters. You don’t have room for mistakes while dealing with a tornado, so here are some that you should try to avoid.

Ignoring Tornado Warning

People often get confused between a tornado watch and a tornado warning. A tornado watch is simply an alert for people in a specific area to prepare themselves as tornadoes may form. Tornado warnings are indicators that a tornado has formed close by in the area and is on the move.

Sometimes these tornado warnings can be false, as nothing happens, but this doesn’t make it a reason to ignore them. Not taking a tornado warning seriously may put you at a greater risk. Evacuate to a storm or community shelter immediately rather than staying at home when a tornado warning is issued in your area.

Opening Windows and Doors

Some people open windows and doors as soon as they hear tornado warning sirens. They believe that opening windows and doors equalizes the wind pressure and prevents the home from exploding if a tornado hits. It is a misconception. In fact, opening windows and doors would increase the likelihood of flying debris entering the home and causing more damage.

Opening them can endanger your life and reduce your home’s structural strength. Don’t waste time on a useless act and try to evacuate to underground shelters as quickly as possible.

A small cabin destroyed by a tornado in Oklahoma City, OK

Standing Close to Windows

When a tornado warning is issued, some people run toward windows to check if they can see the tornado. It’s another common mistake that people make, unaware of tornado dangers.

Tornadoes have high wind speeds, which can go up to 300 mph. Window glass can shatter from wind and flying debris. Glass shards and other flying debris moving at high speed can cause serious damage. Standing too close to windows can put your life at risk, so stay as far as possible from windows to keep yourself safe. Evacuate to window-less shelters such as underground storm shelters to ensure maximum protection.

Get Safe Room Installed in Your Home  in Norman, OK

Tornado shelter installation in houses is the best solution for dealing with tornadoes. Safe rooms approved by FEMA can withstand the strongest ones. If you want a tornado shelter installed in your home, why not consider us? At Oklahoma Shelters, we provide Community Shelter and tornado shelters built-in line with FEMA standards. We have a range of tornado shelters, including safe rooms, garage shelters, underground bunkers , and storm shelters oklahoma  etc. Get a tornado shelter installed that matches your budget and requirements.

Contact us for a free quote and get customized safe rooms according to your need.


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It's very important to make sure your shelter is well maintained and taken care of during the fall.

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A safe room.

Why Teachers in OKC Need to Know Tornado Safety Basics

Unfortunately, past incidents, including the tragic tornado in Moore, in 2013, reminds us that schools are some of the most vulnerable places when it comes to tornadoes. Not only are they poorly equipped to handle the situation, often, teachers and administrators are also underprepared and unaware, making it even harder to protect children.

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Tornado shelters and bunkers like these can be installed in workplaces.

3 Investments to Help Your Staff Feel Safer During the Tornado Season

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An underground bunker such as this can be installed at your workplace with ease.

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Shelter Construction

Tips on Choosing the Best Shelters for Your Home

Choosing the right shelter for your home is essential. Our company offers various types of shelters, each with a range of benefits that are perfect for your home. But in addition to receiving a free quote and on-site evaluation, we’ll help you find the right shelter too.

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Storm Shelter

Staying Safe and Preventing Getting Trapped in Your Shelter

Tornado shelters are an essential space to hide out in because they’re designed to withstand the worst impact from tornadoes and the debris that flies during them. But as important as hiding and seeking safety inside is, it’s even more important to manage your safety after a storm.

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Tornado Preparedness And Safety Tips For Families

Tornadoes are difficult to predict — which makes them all the more dangerous to tackle. However, we have come a long way in being able to predict them and protect ourselves, after decades of research, developing safety mechanisms, tornado and storm watching, upgraded technology and the best engineering practices.

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4 Things to Know About Underground Shelter Installation

Underground shelters that are installed in your garage or backyard are one of the best forms of storm protection. They help provide safe and secure shelter, away from tornadoes and hurricanes that are native to Oklahoma, as well as debris and other threats from the aftermath of a storm.

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