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Tornado shelters and bunkers like these can be installed in workplaces.

3 Investments to Help Your Staff Feel Safer During the Tornado Season

Business owners are all too familiar with the need to incentivize and improve their employees’ experience of working with them. It’s vital that you make intelligent decisions and choose the most appropriate measures to help your employees feel safer at work.

This is especially for businesses in OKC and Norman, where tornadoes are a frequent threat, especially from spring through summer, and sometimes in fall. You can make several investments in employee wellness to improve their working conditions and abide by OSHA and FEMA standards.

Here are some suggestions and recommendations to help your staff during tornado season:


1.     Invest in an on-site tornado shelter

First and foremost, it’s important for your company to start looking into storm shelters for the property. This helps guarantee the safety and wellbeing of your employees by giving them easy access to a tried and tested source of protection. We offer storm shelter installation across OKC, delivering the highest quality bunkers, shelters, and safe rooms available.

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2.     Learn first aid basics, first responder basics

First aid isn’t just a routine workplace shenanigan. It is a valuable skill to have, especially in times of emergencies when there are injuries, issues, and unforeseen health concerns—knowing how to respond so such problems and emergencies can be the difference between life and death, buying you enough time for a professional rescue group or paramedic to arrive.

It’s been shown first aid training helps reduce accidents in general and improves workplace safety, so it’s beyond just a temporary or time-bound benefit you’re getting.

Additionally, you need to have complete first aid and emergency supply kits for when tornadoes occur, containing food, water, medication, and other essentials.

Invest in high-quality, up to date first aid kits for emergencies during tornado season.

3.     Direct resources toward accountability procedures

It’s important to have accountability personnel who will plan and execute evacuation strategies, knowing who’s in the building, coordinating with staff, and redirecting people to safe zones. This might require additional work for staff members taking on these roles, and you can incentivize additional pay and specialized training for these situations.

Additionally, you can keep these skills and measures in check through regular drills, training, refreshers, and make sure employees are safe and well accommodated at the workplace.

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