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Storm Shelter

Staying Safe and Preventing Getting Trapped in Your Shelter

Tornado shelters are an essential space to hide out in because they’re designed to withstand the worst impact from tornadoes and the debris that flies during them. But as important as hiding and seeking safety inside is, it’s even more important to manage your safety after a storm.

We’ve talked at length about the maintenance and safety tips, preparation and warnings, and signs of a tornado before. However, while we’ve ensured there are safety latches and emergency escape latches in each of our shelters and storms safe rooms across Oklahoma, you never know what can go wrong. It’s important that you cover all your bases.

Be sure to do the following as tornado season rolls around or as soon as your shelter is installed:

Make Sure You Have An Extra Jack

Some shelters come with an additional jack that allows you to pry the door open in case you’re stuck. If your regular door or latch doesn’t open on their own, use the jack for additional support and force to remove debris that may be blocking your way.

Storm Shelter

Test Your Emergency Escape Latch

Test your emergency escape latch by getting inside the shelter and testing it by while having someone on the outside. Be sure to test it out at the time installation and ask our technicians regarding all safety features.

Register Your Shelter With Local Governments And Rescue Groups

Most local governments and city councils, such as that in Oklahoma City, introduced registration programs for emergency purposes. When a tornado, the rescue groups will be able to find you with ease if you register your personal shelter with them. Certain rescue groups offer voluntary services and may help you escape in case you are stuck in your shelter. You can learn more about these through your local governments.


Inform friends and family about your shelter’s location

Apart from registering on official channels, you should also inform friends and family about the location of your storm shelter, especially if it’s located somewhere obscure such as a closet or basement.

In case rescue groups are unable to find you, your friends and family may be able to help in case they are unable to reach you.
Garage Shelter

Your Car Doubles As A Shield

This is an advantage that homeowners with garage shelters, in particular, can use. They are designed to accommodate your car, which acts as a shield in case there is a lot of debris. It will fall off the sides of the car and keep your shelter’s opening clear.


For any concerns or queries, you might have about our storm shelters, be it underground bunkers or garage shelters, feel free to contact our team. We’d be more than happy to help!

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