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Why Does Oklahoma Need More Community Storm Shelters?

Imagine you’re at work or running errands on the other side of town, or your kids are scattered in different parts of town because that’s where their schools are. Your partner works in yet another part of town, and things seem like an ordinary day. It’s raining but that’s business as usual.


Out of nowhere, a storm warning is issued, and a tornado is predicted, and you’re left to hide for shelter wherever you are. You could be driving; you could be walking the street, you could be in the parking lot. You have seconds to think, and you’re worried sick, thinking not only about yourself but your family too. Are your kids indoors? Is your partner safe? Your cat isn’t out in the yard in the middle of all this, is it?

If we look back at the worst storm to hit Oklahoma, the EF5 that affected Moore, you’ll realize the devastating effects a single tornado can have.

In moments like these, no matter how privileged you might be, it’s crucial to have access to community storm shelters.


They’re FEMA compliant

We build Oklahoma community shelters that are FEMA compliant, which means they are designed in accordance with very strict standards and regulations that ascertain the safety and well being of those inside. Each shelter undergoes extreme testing and regulation before it is delivered to a community for use. You can expect to be safe even during the gravest storms. The material used is uncompromised, sturdy, and resilient, as a measure to keep individuals safe.

Storm Shelter

Community shelters welcome the most vulnerable

Everyone is vulnerable when natural disasters occur, but there will always be those who are even further endangered— homeless people, those working outdoors, those outside of their homes or without access to safe spaces, hiding spots, and safe rooms. They welcome people whose chances of survival would almost be next to none had it not been for these spaces.

They are stocked with essentials

Apart from providing shelter to the vulnerable, they also stock basic emergency goods such as water, first-aid, and food supplies. For a place like Oklahoma that sees tornadoes year after year, it’s important to mobilize communities to always have their shelters stocked and prepared for emergencies.

First Aid

Can be multipurpose spaces

An additional benefit of having community shelters is that they can be multipurpose. From acting as food storage to becoming a venue for awareness programs, community training sessions, and other such purposes, they’re versatile, safe, and secure!


You can reach out to us for garage shelters OKC, community shelters, underground bunkers, and much more. We have been providing the highest quality safety rooms for the past seven years. Get in touch with us to know more!

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