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Saving for a safe room can be challenging, but with a little financial planning, it's easier than you think!

Struggling with Budgeting for Your Storm Shelter? Here are 3 Tips

Storm shelters are essential for homeowners living in OKC and other parts of Oklahoma too. With the frequent tornadoes and how unpredictable these weather events can be, it’s important to invest in this addition to your home as soon as you are able to do so.

But there’s no denying that shelters can be quite expensive. Costing thousands of dollars even after rebates, concessions, and more, it’s definitely not easy to pay for them without careful planning and consideration.

And in addition to shelters, you may need to deal with permits, fees, potential contractor costs, and other expenses. This means you need to plan and budget carefully, keeping these tips in mind:

1.     Give yourself adequate time.

It’s important to have enough time to save for your shelter, given that you’re looking at a figure somewhere in the thousands. Even with rebates and financial assistance, it’s difficult to afford a shelter overnight, which is why you should be realistic with how long you need to save.

If you have enough savings, it might make sense to use part of them because the shelter is a necessity more than a luxury or aesthetic addition. Having at least a couple of months helps, especially since it’s best to have shelter installations done in fall or milder winter weather when tornadoes are less likely.

2.     Consider all the related expenses.

Will you have to look into alternative storage for your belongings? Do you need to have some other reconstruction and renovation carried out? Are there various permits, additions, and changes you’ll need to make to your home, yard, or garage? It’s important to figure out the entirety of the costs before you set a goal.

Give yourself a head start when trying to save for your shelter installation, keeping in mind our tips.

3.     Don’t cut back on essentials.

However, as important as a shelter is for your home, it’s equally important to focus on what’s essential. You shouldn’t delay other payments and debt installments such as for your mortgage, student loans, car payments, and utilities. You can minimize additional everyday costs such as indulgences, expensive social gatherings, retail, and shopping, for a few months, however!

It’s essential to find a place of balance, and budgeting is all about that. The aim is to save, spend wisely, and have the financial freedom to invest in essentials—and later luxuries.

Our team can provide you with a range of options and recommendations suited to your needs, and give you a free estimate when you contact us. We provide concrete storm shelters, underground bunkers, and more in OK.

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