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This custom combination of a safe room and bunker offers both options for above and underground shelter.

3 Ways to Customize Your Storm Safe Room for Your Needs

Safe rooms are designed to offer you shelter and protection against tornadoes, which is why it’s crucial that they be accessible to every member of your household—and yes, that might include pets too.

Conventional tornado shelters may not work as well for elderly family members, or those with special needs, physical disabilities, and other types of accessibility issues. This puts your family and loved ones at risk of not being able to seek shelter during an emergency, especially without assistance.

However, we offer a range of customizable features and options that can be added onto existing shelters, or create custom shelters depending on your needs. Some of the most useful ways to customize your storm shelter are:

1.     Add a wheelchair ramp

This is especially useful for family members or individuals who use wheelchairs in your home or place of business but should be added on regardless, in the latter option. It not only makes your shelter significantly more accessible to more people but safer for others, too, since they can focus on assisting without endangering their own lives during an emergency.

While not all types of shelters will be accessible, ramps work best with steel safe rooms, types of garage shelters, and the above-ground varieties more than under. You can work with our team to decide what works better for your family or workplace.

2.     Building a wider entrance

While it may not seem like a lot, having a wider entrance, especially if your shelter is in a workplace or public place, can make a huge difference. It prevents crowding, accommodates people with more ease, and makes it less stifling, allowing more people to seek shelter faster. It also becomes easier for when you’re storing things in your shelter during the off-season, such as fall or winter.

3.     Having a railing installed

This is another feature that works particularly well for those who need physical assistance, guides, and support, and makes an excellent safety feature in general. While underground bunkers often come with railings by the stairs, you can request additional railings on the outside, or even inside, for greater accessibility. Paired with the ramp, they almost guarantee complete independence for those with mobility aids.

Additionally, you can also choose the material your shelter is made of, with our team building custom concrete shelters for clients too. Get in touch with us to know more about our services, or get a free quote today!

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