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4 Tips on Replacing and Replenishing Supplies from Your Emergency Kits

Many of us hope to never see the day a disaster strikes, and we’re forced to rely on emergency kits and supplies. But living in Oklahoma where tornadoes and hurricanes are the norms, there’s very little room to go with the flow. You should have a storm shelter or tornado shelter in your home, and have it prepared with supplies. We’ve written about essentials on earlier blogs, but here we’ll discuss something different.

How do you keep your shelter supplies replenished and ready for use anytime a disaster strikes?

1.     Keep a record of what you need and have

You should always do an inventory of your emergency supplies. It’s important to know what’s in stock and what’s running low, or what should be there at all times.

Have a list of items you need, from over the counter, to prescription medication, non-perishable food, water, and other supplies, so it’s easier for you to check when necessary. It’s also easier to record what’s been used and how much because this will keep track of stocks too.

2.     Periodically take everything out and check

If you’ve experienced a tornado lately and have had to use your shelter, and thus, supplies, as a result of it, whenever you’re safe and able to do so, go over what’s been used. If there hasn’t been a tornado or a serious threat in a while, or you just haven’t relied on your supplies, check after every six months.

While some experts recommend checking annually, that might not work as well for those living in OKC where tornadoes are more frequent.

Medications can expire anywhere from a few months of being used or manufactured, to a couple of years, whereas food expires after around 2 years.

If there is still some time before your food and medication expire, donate it to soup kitchens, charities, shelters, and other places that might benefit from them instead of tossing them in the trash.

Non-perishables like canned foods also need to be checked for expiration periodically.

3.     Be sure to check first aid supplies.

While not all first aid supplies expire, including bandages and wraps, it’s important to check others such as ointments, topicals, disinfectants for both expiration and stocks. These might harm you if you use them past expiration or not perform their intended function.

If you used your kit the last time, replace things, so there’s no shortage the next time around. Sterilize scissors, tweezers, and other supplies to keep them free of bacteria as well.

4.     Check appliances and devices for performance.

Flashlights, radios, spare phones, etc. are some of the devices and electronics you’re likely to have in your emergency kit too. Check battery and performance to make sure they’re working and if they’re not, or there’s some damage, have them repaired and looked into.

For more information about making the most of your storm shelter or for installation services, get in touch with us. We offer underground bunkers, garage shelters, and other types of safe rooms in OK.


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