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4 Lessons to Learn from Oklahoma’s History of Tornadoes

Oklahoma is located in Tornado Alley, which means we see dozens of tornadoes here year after year. In 2019, the state saw a record-breaking number, at 146 tornadoes that remind us the threat is not over.

While we’ve come very far when it comes to protection from tornadoes, there’s a long way to go. Oklahoma Shelters has developed storm shelters that can withstand even the most intense EF5 tornadoes, such as the kind that hit Moore in 2013, which was a humbling reminder that we need to take every precaution possible.

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1.     Codes and standards need to be upgraded

Construction codes, stricter standards for construction quality, regular maintenance, and upgrades are a crucial factor for long-term safety. Many of the fatalities and damage that was brought on by tornadoes in the past have been due to poor quality construction and use of weak and/or compromised construction materials. these were avoidable factors, unfortunately, and who’s to say how the situation could have been controlled with better measures.


2.     More preparedness meetings and awareness

Communities, cities, individuals all need to play their role in awareness and preparedness. Inaction can be the difference between life and death, which is why we need to mobilize our leaders, lawmakers, communities, and prepare our families, including children.


3.     There is danger in seeking shelter under overpasses.

The 1999 Bridge-Creek and Moore EF5 (A9) Tornado was a tragedy that led to a direct fatality of 36, out of which 3 were the result of seeking shelter under an overpass. This is a myth that has been perpetuated over time, but not only is it wrong, but it’s also actually dangerous as we’ve seen in the past. It’s about time we do away with this; instead, encouraging people to seek shelter indoors.


4.     The need for shelters is intensified.

It’s not sufficient to hide out in your living room or basement. Falling debris, broken glass, impact, and much more can endanger you and your loved ones, and now more than ever, we recognize the need for shelters.

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As community shelters fall short of providing sufficient space, and the COVID-19 outbreak leaves us vulnerable to contracting the virus in public spaces and social interactions, it’s important to invest in steel and concrete storm shelters.

Tornadoes are incredibly dangerous, and places like Oklahoma have seen plenty in the past and will continue to experience them in the foreseeable future. The state also offers rebates and grants through different programs.


We provide storm safe shelters across Norman and Oklahoma City and you can contact us through our website.

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