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What Oklahoma City Locals Need to Know About Tornadoes

Tornadoes are one of the most violent, devastating and unpredictable atmospheric events, making them hard to deal with. For people that live in the Tornado Alley, which includes Oklahoma City, there are certain individual and collective measures that can help keep you and your loved ones safe.

BunkerUnfortunately, Oklahoma City does not have community storm shelters, and the city recommends that you shelter-in-place when a tornado hits. While the city has it’s reasons for not having public shelters, despite the frequent occurrence of these weather event, here’s what you can and should do:


Don’t remain outdoors or try to outrun the storm

A lot of people shockingly believe that it’s possible to outrun a tornado or to stay in their cars. But it’s incredibly dangerous to do so. A tornado is incredibly forceful and violent, and your car is not safe to hide out in even if you’re parked under a bridge or underpass. If you’re driving, seek shelter in the closest building or indoor shelter possible.


Invest in a storm shelter for your home

It’s crucial to invest in a storm shelter for your home, whether it’s an underground garage shelter or above ground shelter that offers appropriate safety and security. You can reach out to us to order storm shelters in Oklahoma City and get a free estimate and consultation.


The benefits of having your own shelter are numerous, especially considering the fact that there is a death of community shelters in town and hiding in different rooms in your house isn’t sufficient.

Garage shelter

Prepare an emergency kit and supplies

Having emergency supplies ready in case of a storm is essential. Prepare a kit or bag that you can as you seek shelter. Medical supplies, canned food, water, medication, flashlights and anything else you might require should be available when needed.


Register your shelter with the City of Oklahoma

Another important thing to do when you do have your shelter installed is to get your shelter registered with the City, because this will allow emergency workers to identify, locate, and reach you. There are city-wide tornado warnings, watches and sirens to alert locals about seeking shelter, so you’ll have plenty of time to shelter-in-place safely.


Additionally, you can also apply for shelter rebates and grants through the State of Oklahoma. Learn more about the various programs on our website and get in touch with us for information.

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Garage Shelter

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