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How Norman Residents Can Benefit from Storm Shelters

For locals in Norman, OK, there’s no denying that there are a lot of benefits to owning a property with a storm shelter. Given that the town sees several tornadoes, much like the rest of Oklahoma, their safety advantages cannot be underplayed.

Whether you already own a home or plan to move into one, get in touch with us to order storm safe rooms in Norman. These are more than just a value-added amenity; they play a vital role in the long-term safety and protection of yourself and your family.


Still unsure about how you can benefit from having a personal storm shelter? Let’s go over some of their advantages:

No more community storm shelters

In 2013, the Norman City Council decided to close down all public and community shelters, giving locals a 6-month period to find alternatives. Norman is not alone in taking this step, with Oklahoma City doing the same.


The reasons for choosing this option make sense because traffic congestion at times of emergency, crowded roads, a limited capacity that leads to people getting stranded are only some of the issues that come with public shelters.


With a lot of people having their own shelters, public shelters could potentially be reopened to accommodate those who cannot afford them or lack space and accessibility.


Rebates and grants for private shelters

However, to enable citizens to take the initiative and make private shelters more accessible, there are several perks offered in return, from grants and rebates to the town offering emergency and rescue services to registered shelters.

Underground Bunker

It’s a great initiative that helps protect your interests in the process. You can apply for one of the many programs through the resources on our website too.


Easy and safe access

When an emergency strikes, you won’t need to drive out to community spaces or risk your safety by hiding under overpasses and remaining outdoors. You and your family, as well as your pets, can safely hide out in our garage shelters or above-ground shelters knowing full-well that you’re in a space that has been designed and tested to withstand even the most intense tornadoes.


Not to mention, our shelters are available in various sizes, allowing you adequate space for the entire family. Having them in your home ensures that there will always be space for each member and a familiar place to find it.


Multi-purpose and multi-use

Not only do these shelters make for excellent protection from the weather, but they also give you a secure place to store valuables, be it cash or sentimental items, as well as food and emergency supplies. They offer you a secure place where your belongings will also be protected from debris and impact.



If you have any queries or concerns, you can always reach out to us to learn more.

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