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Dark and morbid looking storm clouds looming over a deserted road

How are Storms Created?

Thunderstorms, hurricanes, and cyclones, all of them carry the same terror in their name. This is because they wreak havoc and unleash ruin wherever they hit. But the question remains: how are storms created?

Continue reading to find out the answer, and install a safe room in your home to stay safe during a storm.

Moisture and Vapors

On any typical warm day, moisture collects in the vapors just above ground level, and rises up to the sky. This happens because the cool, dry air above it is denser than the humid, warm air rising from the bottom. So, these vapors merge together and rise into the sky, and become one with the clouds.

What happens next is one of the key factors of storm formation: the cloud releases heat. The heat then gives the air around it a boost before continuing it’s ascent into the sky. This creates a very strong current, and is responsible for storm cloud formation, or the formation of cumulonimbus.

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There’s an Issue with the Atmospheric Stability

Atmospheric stability, or the lack thereof, is another major factor that leads to storm formation. Thunderstorms form when air rises rapidly into the sky, which happens when the rising air becomes more buoyant than the air around it.

The instability occurs when the moisture near the Earth’s surface makes the air warmer, and the air that’s aloft remains cool.

Rain drops splattered against the window of a car

Storms Always Need Triggers 

A triggering factor is what escalates the formation of a thunderstorm, and brings it about rapidly. The triggering factor could be anything from the heat that comes from the sun, to the cool air that’s held aloft. The worst thing about a thunderstorm is how it can continue to trigger and gather other storms in its wake, unleashing them one after the other.

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Storms can damage not only properties but also take a toll on peoples’ mental health, and cause them harm. So, whenever you hear a storm warning on the news, prepare yourself, and make sure that you aren’t caught off guard. One way to prepare for a storm is by installing a storm shelter on your residential or industrial property.

Is there a storm approaching? Stay safe with a tornado shelter! 

Safe rooms, also known as panic rooms and tornado shelters, are the ultimate way to ensure your family’s safety during a storm. They are made of the sturdiest materials, and in accordance with the FEMA guidelines.

Oklahoma Shelters designs Oklahoma Safe Rooms for residents of Oklahoma and surrounding areas, and can install them in the form of underground bunkers, garage shelters OKC, and more. For customization or more information, check out our website today!





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