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a woman enjoying rain in a grass field

4 Signs That Show Your Fascination with Rain

While the rainy season often prompts people to run for shelter or seek refuge in their underground bunkers, some people just can’t help but enjoy its thrill. Lightning strikes fascinate them, and they love everything there is to love about the rainy season. Continue reading to find out if you’re one of those people!

1. You Feel Grumpy When There’s a False Rain Prediction

You make sure to keep an eye on the weather app and can’t help but yearn for rain and thunder. When there’s finally a prediction, you jump for joy! But then it turns out that the prediction was just a false alarm, and the rain either didn’t happen, or didn’t last long enough to be considered a proper rain shower.

This is when you become grumpy and grouchy and moan about not getting to witness a rain shower.

2. You Can’t Help But Enjoy Petrichor

Even people who don’t love rain love the smell it leaves behind. And you, who is an ardent admirer of rain and thunder, can’t help but sit with your mouth open to inhale as much of the sweet earthly scent as you can.

Petrichor is therapeutic, and you feel a sense of calm descend upon you whenever you smell it around you.

Water splashing around a person’s legs

3. Your Inner Child Wants to Splash Around

While you might dislike ruining your clothes, you can’t help but want to splash around in the rain a bit. Rain makes your inner child happy beyond comprehension. You can watch rain drops race each other for long stretches of time and even bet on them with whoever listens to you.

You might even collect rain drops in the ceramic bowl that you’ve kept for special days like this one, and long for the rain to become more intense. The stronger the winds and the heavier it rains, the more giddy you become.

4. You Dislike Sunshine, and Can’t Wait for the Sky to Turn Dark

You really love to say, “I like the sky as dark as my soul”, and add a cackling laugh for lasting effect. You absolutely despise sunshine and believe that it’s your sworn enemy, intent on making you sweaty. You can’t help but complain about the sun while others around you rejoice and celebrate the summer season.

But as soon as the sky turns dark and gray, and thunderous clouds come rolling, you feel like you’re finally being heard—and when it rains, you can’t help but smile.

5. Enjoying in the Rain is Good, But Staying Safe in a Storm Shelter is Important

Rain and thunder can take a turn for the worse, and cause you harm. So, installing a Oklahoma Tornado Storm Shelters in your home is necessary, especially if you live in area that experiences storms all year round.

Oklahoma Shelters designs Underground bunkers in OKC, garage shelters, and community shelters for people in Oklahoma in accordance with the FEMA guidelines. To learn more about our services, tap here.


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