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Reasons Why a Home Storm Shelter Is Necessary

May is known as a peak tornado month in Oklahoma. Before fierce winds destroy homes and properties, experts recommend having a storm shelter installed in the home. Cost-effective storm shelters keep you and your family safe during storms and tornadoes. They are mostly built of concrete and are installed below the ground.

Here are some reasons why storm shelters are necessary:

For Protection

Oklahoma experienced around 33 twisters only in 2022. Storm shelters offer adequate protection against EF5 tornadoes. Storm shelters manufactured from steel or concrete are installed underground in a yard or a garage. The ceiling and the walls are both made from reinforced material.

Protection of Valuables

Severe storms can damage homes and their contents. A storm shelter serves as a safe haven for not just your loved ones, but also your valuables and precious belongings. You can also choose to install it underground to safeguard your valuables. These can also be installed as separate exterior rooms. Reach out to our representatives to devise a safe rooms oklahoma installation strategy for your property.

Safe Haven for Emergency Supplies

Your storm shelter is the ideal place to store any emergency supplies you may need. Our storm shelter experts recommend you store some items in your storm shelter, such as:

  • A first aid kit
  • Extra clothing
  • Water
  • Food
  • Important documents

Pro tip: If you reside in Oklahoma, prepare your tornado emergency kit beforehand. Invest in a storm shelter right away so that it’s functional by next year.

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A Safe Exit

Creating and finding safe exit options should be your number one priority during tornado season. A storm shelter provides a way to easily exit the main building. We recommend you install the shelter underground in your garage for easy access. Installing a storm shelter on your property eliminates the risk of traveling in a storm. A designated storm shelter ensures you and your family know where to seek refuge during a serious weather situation.

Different Design Options for Your Family

Concrete storm shelters come in different sizes. They can be flat-topped with easy access stairs or have a slope shelter to provide additional space. Choose the type that best suits your family size and needs. Moreover, if a family has unique needs like a wheelchair, an above-the-ground shelter would be the right pick!

If you’re looking for a storm shelters oklahoma, Oklahoma Shelters is one of the leading storm shelter providers in the area. We also offer underground garage shelters, safe rooms, and underground bunkers. Our service radar covers Norman, Moore, Tulsa, and Oklahoma City areas. For queries and information, contact us at 405-367-7901

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