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How to Prevent Being Trapped Inside Your Emergency Shelter

Oklahoma is located in the Tornado Alley, and the climate patterns in this region drastically change all year round. The red soils of Oklahoma are porous in nature and can’t maintain their structure for long durations when moist. During storm season, the porous clay causes home foundations to sink, and basements underground may even begin to leak.

Storm Shelters in Oklahoma

Research shows that only one-fifth of Oklahomans have tornado storm shelters installed. We recommend Oklahomans invest in underground garage shelters for protection against heavy storms. For construction details, get in touch with our representatives in Oklahoma.

Here’s how you can prevent getting trapped in storm shelters:

Always Keep a Jack Inside the Shelter

You can use a jack to pull open the front cover of the storm shelter if you feel heavy objects are covering the top walls. Always keep a jack inside your shelter to rummage through heavier objects if they offer resistance. In our storm shelters, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll get trapped, but still, it’s advisable to keep a rod and a jack inside your shelter for protection at all times.

Keep Your Friends and Family Informed

Let your friends and family know about the location of the storm shelter. This way, they can locate you in case you get trapped inside the shelter.

Underground Garage Shelters

The underground garage shelters are designed in such a way that you can conveniently park your car in the garage area. This way, you will not get trapped underneath the house’s debris if it falls. In times of crisis, the vehicle works as a safety net for the shelter. You can easily get out of the shelter if you have a car parked above it.

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Register Your Storm Shelter

Registering your storm shelter is a relatively simple process. Put in your address in Oklahoma, the type of storm shelter you have, where you’re located, and whether or not you have a residential or commercial property.

The first responders post-storm will be able to identify and locate you at the earliest if you provide all the necessary details. Since storm shelter registration is government-run, they can also evacuate you from storm shelters using heavy machinery if needed. Make sure you provide an emergency contact number to the concerned authorities for immediate contact.

Reach out to Oklahoma Shelters for underground Storm Shelter Expert OKC construction and installation. We offer underground garage shelters OKCsafe rooms, and underground bunkers in Oklahoma. We provide services in Moore, Tulsa, Edmond, and Oklahoma city at affordable rates. For a free shelter quote, contact us at 405-367-7901

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