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The Benefits of Having a Private Storm Shelter As Opposed to Going to a Community Shelter

Oklahomans already know the severity of the weather conditions they face all year round. Residents of Oklahoma county experience the most tornadoes in Oklahoma. That’s because the state is in the heart of Tornado alley. The warm terrains in the area make it prone to storms. Find out why you should consider investing in storm shelters on your property instead of taking refuge in community shelters.

Private Storm Shelters for Oklahomans

Oklahomans are investing more than ever in safe rooms and underground garage shelters. If you plan to invest in our safe rooms in Oklahoma, you can rest assured it meets all FEMA standards. The Joplin tornado destruction of 2011 was an incident that no Oklahoman will forget. It was an EF5 tornado that killed around 158 people and injured about a thousand.

If we look at the statistics, Oklahoma receives around 67 twisters each year. Each twister is a serious life-threatening situation for Oklahomans every year. You can reduce this yearly threat with a one-time investment: a private storm shelter.

Better Accessibility

Community safe rooms or storm shelters need a larger area for construction. Private storm shelters, on the other hand, can be installed underground in your backyard or garage. This makes the shelter a lot more accessible for families with children. At Oklahoma Shelters, we customize the design to suit the family’s needs. This includes designs that feature slopes, stairs, and concrete doors for better safety.

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Better Privacy

Community storm shelters can house around 150 people. This is ideal for families who find it difficult to afford private storm shelters. This also works best for larger families. On the contrary, a private storm shelter is ideal if you wish to maintain your privacy. You can always store your emergency goods in the shelter for an unannounced storm.

Perfect for Valuable Belongings

A private storm shelter protects your valuables. They are ideal for storing jewelry, objects that hold a lot of sentimental value, and important documents during a storm. An EF5 tornado can cause havoc for residential and commercial buildings. It’s not just the winds; the debris and other metal pieces that the storm picks on the way can cause a lot of damage to residential and commercial structures.

Evacuate your property as soon as a high-intensity storm approaches your area. Private storm shelters are installed in the garage. So, even if your house falls, the debris will not fall on you.

Choose Oklahoma Shelters for Sturdy Storm Shelter in Oklahoma!

Order storm shelters in Oklahoma City to keep you and your family safe during extreme weather conditions. We are the leading providers of underground concrete shelters, safe rooms, storm shelters oklahoma, and garage shelters OKC. To hire us for a private storm shelter construction in Tulsa or Oklahoma City, contact us at 405-367-7901

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