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How to Make Your Child Feel Safe During a Storm?

Thunderstorm occurrences are quite common in Oklahoma City. Due to the friction between the moist and warm air from the Gulf and the cold air from the Canada and Rockies, Oklahoma is a favorable breeding ground for tornadoes and storms.

The unpredictable nature of severe weather conditions can be particularly frightening for kids who are scared of storms. It’s common for children to be terrified of storms and other extreme weather, but you can help your children feel secure by following these advices to prevent the terror and horror that a storm season can bring.

Be Prepared For The Storm

It’s crucial to be prepared beforehand! Have your kids get something cozy, such as a flashlight, blanket, plush animal, or something they like or might even sleep with.  Allow them to help you as you gather the refreshments, blankets, and flashlights. Make an effort to keep it enjoyable for them!

Communicate With Your Kids

Tell them what’s happening. Children just don’t grasp the weather, even though they don’t need to be aware of all the specifics or the intensity of the storm. Children will have inquiries because they are confused and terrified. Explain what’s really going on, why the sirens are sounding, and why everyone needs to seek cover while you are calm and patient.

Implement a Safety Plan

Create a weather emergency safety plan that everyone is aware of and follows. Choose a warm location and place the emergency supplies kit there. Cover the windows to prevent children and animals from seeing the chaos outside.

Keep Them Distracted

It’s good to keep children active and distracted during a storm, but not with activities that will just worsen everyone’s already stressed emotions.

To keep everyone from being distracted by the wind, lightning, and thunder that may be occurring outdoors, choose enjoyable, soothing activities for the whole family to engage in during thunderstorms, such as get coloring books, playing cards, and board games. Construct a cozy fort out of blankets and couch cushions. Create animals out of shadows with flashlights. Divert your attention from the nonstop coverage of weather-related disasters in the media.

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