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Strom damage to a house.

The Safest Places In Your House To Go To During A Tornado

Tornadoes are high-intensity windstorms that threaten life and property. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides comprehensive tornado safety guidance. If you live in a state that experiences them frequently  ̶  for example, the Tornado Alley  ̶  you must follow state and federal instructions for safety.

The CDC recommends taking shelter at a low-risk location if you’re at home when a tornado warning is issued. This blog is dedicated to the safest places in the house during a tornado.

The Basement

The basement is one of the safest places for shelter. They are underground and can withstand the strength of storms. Basements tend to remain relatively unharmed even when the foundations of houses are shaken up by violent storms. If your house has a basement, ensure it is stocked with snacks, water, and bedding to last a few hours during a tornado.

A Room In The Middle Of The House

If you don’t have a basement, you can pick any room in the house that is not directly connected to the outdoors. An inner room with no windows is an ideal safe place during a tornado. However, make sure that this room is on the lowest floor of the house.

Under A Staircase

For new or well-maintained properties, the stairs are sturdy structures that shield your body from falling objects.  Storm shelter manufacturers in Oklahoma recommend you choose stairs if they’re in an inner corner of the house, away from doors and windows that open to the outside world.



Tornado Shelter

For almost absolute safety, install a tornado shelter in your house. They are made specifically to withstand tornadoes. For states like Oklahoma, it is recommended that you install shelters that can withstand violent EF-5 tornadoes.

There are government-backed regulatory bodies to ensure the quality of tornado shelters. Contractors whose shelters comply with FEMA and ICC-50 standards are tested extensively to optimize their safety.

If you live in one of the states of the US’s Tornado Alley, a tornado shelter can be very crucial to your safety. We are a safe room contractor that installs safe rooms oklahoma, concrete, and Underground bunkers in OKC residents. All our safe rooms are FEMA-compliant and tested extensively to ensure your safety. Reach out to us to get a free quote or consultation.


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A storm under a cloudy sky in Oklahoma City.

Why Is Registering Tornado Shelters Important for Oklahoman Residents?

Did you know that Oklahoma experiences an average of 56 tornadoes per year? Oklahoma is known as “Tornado Alley” because it experiences more tornadoes than any other state in the U.S. due to its unique geography and weather patterns. As a result, tornado safety is a top priority for residents.

As a result, Oklahoman residents need to take precautions and register their tornado shelters. Not only does registering storm shelters help keep you and your family safe during a tornado, but it also has other benefits.

Registering storm shelters is important for Oklahoman residents for several reasons:


Tornadoes are a common occurrence in Oklahoma, and having a registered tornado shelter can help emergency responders locate and assist residents during and after a tornado. If a tornado strikes, having a registered shelter can help ensure that residents are safe and accounted for.


Registering your tornado shelter allows local officials to communicate with you in an emergency. For example, if a tornado is approaching your area, officials can send you alerts and provide instructions on how to stay safe.


Registering storm shelters may also make you eligible for financial assistance in case of damage from a tornado. Some homeowners’ insurance policies may also offer discounts for having a registered tornado shelter.

Planning and Choosing

Knowing the locations of registered tornado shelters can help officials with emergency planning and response efforts. This can ultimately help save lives and reduce damage caused by tornadoes. In Oklahoma, there are different types of Storm Shelter Expert OKC, including Underground bunkers in OKC, safe rooms, and above-ground shelters. Each type of shelter has its advantages and disadvantages, and residents can choose the one that best fits their needs and budget.

A house under thick clouds.

So, what are you waiting for? Registering your tornado shelter is a crucial step that you can take to ensure your safety and the safety of your community during tornado season. By doing so, you’re protecting your loved ones and helping your local officials in an emergency. And remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Hire The Pros!

Stay safe during severe weather in Oklahoma City with Oklahoma Shelters. Our storm shelters and safe rooms will keep your loved ones safe. Contact us now to learn more and schedule installation. Protect your family with Oklahoma Shelters.



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A concrete bunker in the yard

Are Underground Bunkers Safe for Tornadoes?

In February 2023, the residents of Oklahoma were a victim of harsh weather when a late storm system resulted in a breakout of tornadoes and storms all across Oklahoma. News reports show that 12 tornadoes happened in Oklahoma in February 2023, the highest recorded number of tornadoes happening in Oklahoma in February, a significant increase from 6 tornadoes occurring in February 1975 and 2009. Multiple people were injured during these tornadoes, emphasizing the importance of investing in in-ground storm shelters and other tornado-protection techniques for the residents of Oklahoma.

This blog discusses if staying in underground bunkers for tornadoes is a good option.

Made from Concrete and Steel

One of the biggest reasons why underground bunkers are a safe option for tornadoes is that these are usually manufactured using concrete and steel. Both of these materials are long-lasting and durable and are often used in the construction of buildings. They rarely deteriorate and have to be demolished. Therefore, underground bunkers that are made from concrete or steel are one of the safest options available on the market.

Allows People to Access Shelter Quickly

Do you know that the wind speed during tornadoes is so high that they destroy weather detection instruments, making it impossible for experts to detect the exact speed of tornado wind? Therefore, people need to invest in shelters that they can easily and quickly access, as even traveling a short distance to seek shelter is almost impossible during a raging tornado. Underground bunkers are installed inside a house, usually in the yard, and people can quickly move in them when needed.

Accommodate Various Things

Underground bunkers are designed to maximize security as they’re spacious. This means that underground bunkers can easily hold large families, pets, and even workers at a business facility. You can also move your personal belongings to the underground bunkers and keep them safe during the tornado.

The door to an underground bunker for Tornadoes

Looking for Underground Bunkers for Tornadoes? Get Started with Oklahoma Shelters

In-ground storm shelters keep your family and belongings safe from the raging wind. At Oklahoma Shelters, we have underground bunkers for tornadoes. Our customized tornado shelters can be built from steel or concrete and can fit a large number of people. Additionally, these Underground bunkers in OKC for tornadoes provide ventilation and even have electric wiring to keep you comfortable when you’re taking shelter from a tornado.

So what are you waiting for? Purchase an underground bunker for tornadoes, or get in touch with us for information.




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Tornado hitting a city.

4 Worst Tornadoes in US History

Did you know the US gets more tornadoes every year than Australia, Canada, and all European countries combined? On average, approximately 800 tornadoes are recorded every year that cause an estimated 1200 injuries and 80 fatalities.

These whopping numbers are observed because the US has the perfect conditions for supercell storms that cause tornadoes. In the south, the Gulf of Mexico gives equatorial warm and moist air, while the Rocky Mountains give cold and dry air up north. The low-pressure system between the two regions pulls the warm and cold air to cause tornadoes.

All the states on this belt are most prone to getting tornadoes, and this entire belt is loosely marked as the Tornado Alley. While some states like Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma get frequent tornadoes, others like Alabama, Missouri, Illinois, and Iowa get fewer but deadlier tornadoes.

In this blog, we’ll list some of the worst tornadoes in US history. Keep reading to find out.

1. The Tri-State Tornado of 1925

On March 18, 1925, the deadliest tornado in US history hit Missouri, Indiana, and Illinois. This EF5 tornado spread over 219 miles and lasted for approximately 3.5 hours. It was part of the Tri-State Tornado Outbreak in these three states, reportedly killing 747 people.

2. Joplin Tornado in 2011

On May 22nd, 2011, the single most expensive tornado in US history hit Joplin, Missouri, destroying at least 10 to 20 percent of the city. This EF5 tornado took the lives of 150 people and affected 7000 homes across the city with approximately 2000 other public structures. It’s estimated that the insurance companies had to pay more than $2.8 billion for damages caused by this tornado.

3. The El Reno Tornado

In 2013, the fastest tornado was observed in EL Reno, Oklahoma, which had a maximum wind speed of 302 mph and was about 2.6 miles wide. Many famous storm chasers, such as Richard Henderson and Tim Samaras, lost their lives trying to capture the magnitude of this fastest and widest tornado.

Tornado forming over an open field

4. The Super Outbreak of 2011

Between 27th and 28th April 2011, the “super outbreak” of tornadoes was observed in parts of the US and Canada. The storm system that caused the outbreak resulted in 360 tornadoes. The outbreak killed 342 people and caused damages worth $10.1 billion.

All the places that have been the most affected by these tornadoes are still the most susceptible to getting more tornadoes because of their geographical location. If you live in a state in the Tornado Alley, you should consider getting a storm and tornado shelters for your house.

If you’re looking for a reliable and sturdy underground bunker or a safe rooms oklahoma to install in your Oklahoma house, we’ve got you covered! Oklahoma Shelters has a wide range of FEMA-approved high-quality concrete tornado and storm shelters that can withstand EF5 tornadoes and category 5 storms.

Contact us now for a free estimate and make your home safer.


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Underground shelters are the best during tornadoes

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Basement in a house

Safe Rooms Vs. Basements: A Guide

According to news reports, Oklahoma is the state with the third-highest number of tornadoes every year. The Sooner State in the United States experiences around 68 tornadoes a year. These tornadoes result in injuries, financial loss, and even deaths. Therefore, the people of Oklahoma often take shelter in safe rooms or basements to protect themselves from winds with intense speeds of 200+ mph. But which one can offer better protection from tornadoes between safe rooms and basements?

This blog discusses the differences between safe rooms and basements to help you make the right choice.

Which is Suited for Tornadoes?

In the past, weather experts recommended taking shelter in the basement of a house during the tornado season, as being closer to the ground decreases the likelihood of a person being affected by the wind. However, due to climate change, tornadoes have become more destructive lately. An example is Oklahoma experiencing 12 tornadoes in February 2023, which broke the record for the highest number of tornadoes in February.

Therefore, basements are no longer suited to protect from tornadoes. They’re designed to be an extra room in the house and aren’t built to withstand strong winds. Therefore, it’s better to opt for safe rooms made from steel, offer better ventilation, and keep you and your family safe.

Basements or Safe Rooms — Which Are More Suited for Houses?

Even though basements and safe rooms can be customized, making changes in a basement requires extensive construction. On the other hand, you can get a safe room built from scratch, according to your needs, and get it installed in your house. Safe rooms can protect a large number of people, pets, and belongings. In the long run, safe rooms are more cost-effective and secure. Safe rooms have specially designed bolts and vents, which basements lack. On the other hand, the doors of basements are strong enough to withstand wind and can be blown away during extreme tornadoes.

The interior of a safe room

Get a Safe Room in Oklahoma Today

Between safe rooms and basements, safe rooms are the ideal choice for people living in Oklahoma who have to deal with constant tornadoes, storms, and other severe weather conditions. At Oklahoma Shelters, we have reliable and long-lasting safe rooms in Oklahoma. Our safe room designs meet or exceed the standards set by FEMA and come with a 10-year warranty. Additionally, these Oklahoma Safe Rooms can be customized at any height. They’re wheelchair accessible and come with a steel door, vents, and locking bolts. This means that between safe rooms and basements, our safe rooms are the safer and more reliable option.

Get in touch with us, place an order for a custom-built safe rooms oklahoma, and receive it in 10 days.

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Shelters are a must for you if you live in areas prone to tornadoes.

Why Choose Tornadoe Shelters Over Basement

When it comes to natural disasters, many homeowners consider either building a safe room or using their basement as a shelter.


Why Choose Tornadoe Shelters Over Basement Inforgraph


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clouds over a green field before a tornado.

How To Stay Safe During A Tornado

Tornadoes in Oklahoma have always been deadly forces of nature, killing two people in November of last year. Proper precautions must be taken during tornadoes to save lives. It’s important to know what to do and, equally important, what not to do when a tornado hits to ensure safety for yourself and for everyone you care about. Read on to find out how to do just that.

Plan In Advance

Avoid panicking at the last minute by preparing an action plan before a tornado hits. First things first, if you live in an area which experiences tornadoes frequently, you need to be aware of the weather signs that indicate a tornado’s formation. Tune into the official weather stations through television or radio. For tornadoes in Oklahoma, the residents may tune in to stations recommended by the National Weather Service.

Secondly, you must know where to seek shelter when you hear the first warning siren. You could be at home, work, market, driving, etc., when the local weather station sounds the alarm. Your plan for sheltering must be inclusive of all possibilities. Ensure the storm shelter is stocked with snacks, water, batteries for radio, portable chargers, first-aid kits, etc. Do drills with your family and co-workers once a year so that everyone is aware of the plan.

What To Do When The Tornado Hits

When a warning siren goes off, head over to your designated storm shelter immediately. This could be a room within your house or work building without access to the outdoors. Specialized storm shelters can also be built for use during tornadoes. There are no community shelters for tornadoes in Oklahoma, so we recommend getting one for your home. If that is not an option, take refuge under a doorway or a sturdy table. Cushion your body and head with blankets, inflatables, or pillows. Tune into the local weather station for updates on the weather.

A road near a green field with dark clouds signaling bad weather above.

What Not To Do When The Tornado Hits

Make sure you do not take shelter near a window. Mobile homes are unsafe places during a tornado. If you were driving when the warning siren went off, do not try to outrun the tornado. Instead, seek shelter options nearby. If you cannot find any, it is much better to seek refuge in a low-lying gully but be aware that these might get inundated.

In an ideal situation, you would have access to a FEMA-compliant storm shelter to withstand the intensity of tornadoes.

At Oklahoma Shelters, we install tornado shelters in Oklahoma that meet and exceed FEMA standards. Our concrete storm shelters OKC protect against flying debris, one of the most damaging elements of a tornado. Contact us for a free consultation and get near absolute protection against tornadoes in Oklahoma with our storm shelters. Hear from other residents about their experiences here.

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An underground bunker with emergency stock.

6 Things You Need In Your Tornado Shelter

Tornadoes are a frequent occurrence in Oklahoma. By now, most of us have a plan set to seek shelter once a tornado hits. What about once we are in the shelter? What do we need then? In this blog post, we will provide a checklist of essentials to pack for your shelter once a tornado hits Oklahoma.

Radio and Mobile Phone

The first thing you want to make sure of is having multiple sources of information to keep you updated on the weather.  A mobile phone alone is not sufficient. It will lose charge and power outages are not uncommon during a storm. Use a hand-operative radio as an alternative source. Stay tuned into official weather stations of your area. Residents of Oklahoma in tornado shelters may find the All Hazard Weather Radio Program useful.

Light Source

Since power outages will happen during extreme weather, you need a personal torch or flashlight. Use it while moving within the shelter or simply reading or talking to someone else.

Battery and Portable Charger

A tornado may last a few hours. Your radio and electronic devices may or may not. Stock up on extra batteries for the radio and a portable charger for your phone.

First-Aid Supplies and Medicines

Make sure to keep your prescriptions and a first-aid kit with you in case of emergencies. People tend to panic when moving to the shelter, keeping basic bandages and knowing how to use them will come in handy. National Weather Service recommends maintaining an emergency supply kit.

A first aid kit, a pair of scissors and tweezers, cotton swabs and medicines


Snacks and Water

This is an obvious one. Keeping things to munch on and water is especially important when you have young children or older citizens in the shelter with you. When you stock your safe room, take note of expiry dates of all edible items. Change them in case they expire before consumption. Do not stock poorly packaged items. Tornadoes shelters in Oklahoma, for example, may not be able to keep stock fresh in the summers, the season when most of the tornadoes hit there.

Extra Clothes & Bedding

You probably heard the siren and made your way toward the shelter without getting the time to change. You might want to stay warm and comfortable for the hours you are in the shelter. Keep some extra clothes in there along with duvets and pillows just in case.

National Weather Service also recommends other supplies you should pack depending on your needs. The most important thing to note is that a tornado does not last longer than a few hours and a FEMA compliant shelter minimizes its risks significantly. So if you have a sound and well-stocked safe room, you have little reason to panic.

Our tornado shelters comply with and exceed the standards set by FEMA. You can order storm shelters and safe rooms oklahoma now by simply giving us a call.



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Inside of an underground cement shelter with a staircase.

Underground Vs. Above-Ground Shelters

If you are getting a tornado shelter installed in Oklahoma for the first time, you’ll have to decide whether you want it to be above or underground. After all, the position of a shelter determines its accessibility and how safe it is.

Both types of shelters have their own benefits that you should consider. Read on to find out which is more suitable for you.

Benefits Of An Underground Shelter

In a tornado, flying debris is one of the deadliest things you may encounter. Sturdily-built underground shelters are great safeguards against flying debris. They are also a good option for you if you have limited space available on a plot since they do not have to be built to retrofit the floor plan of a house. This gives them the added advantage of accommodating more people in emergencies. You can even use these types of shelters as storage units during off-seasons for windstorms.

The FEMA manual provides guidelines for determining the minimum floor elevation for a safe room depending on several factors. A reliable contractor will have no problem building you an underground cement shelter keeping the guidelines in mind, should you opt for it.

Benefits Of An Above-Ground Shelter

Above-ground shelters are easily accessible for young children, older people or those with disabilities. They are also much easier to install than the underground ones.

If your house or business is located in a high-risk flooding zone, above-ground shelters are a better option to keep you and your belongings safe than underground cement shelters.

Two women shaking hands in front of a steel safe room.

Which One Is Better For You

If you live in a place prone to strong windstorms and flying debris, an underground shelter may be ideal for you. On the other hand, if you live in a flood-prone area or want a shelter with easier access, an above-ground shelter is more reasonable.

One type of shelter is not better than the other. Rather, your geographic location and needs make the decision of what is best for you. The only thing we do endorse, however, is working with contractors that comply with standardized guidelines set by FEMA and ICC-50 for storm shelters.

We install inground Storm Safe Shelters OKC and safe rooms oklahoma that meet and exceed all expectations set out by FEMA and ICC-50 to guarantee near-absolute protection. We analyze the client’s needs when recommending and installing tornado shelters most suited to their needs as Oklahoma’s residents. Call us now to get a free consultation, or simply get a free quote here.

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