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An underground concrete storm shelter.

Here’s Why The FEMA Regulated Tornado Shelters Are Reliable

When it comes to protecting yourself and your loved ones from the devastating impact of tornadoes, having a reliable shelter is of utmost importance. FEMA-compliant tornado shelters are recognized for their high standards of safety and performance.

This article explores why FEMA-regulated tornado shelters are considered trustworthy and reliable options for safeguarding against tornadoes.

Rigidly Standardized Structural Guidelines

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has established stringent standards and guidelines for tornado shelters to ensure their structural integrity and ability to withstand the forces of extreme winds and flying debris. These regulations encompass various aspects, including construction materials, design specifications, etc. By adhering to these standards, FEMA-compliant tornado shelters undergo rigorous testing and evaluation, providing reassurance of their reliability.

Professional Excellence That Guarantees Safety

FEMA-compliant tornado shelters require professional installation to ensure their effectiveness and compliance with the established guidelines. Qualified installers have the expertise to secure the shelter properly, ensuring it meets FEMA’s strict requirements. This makes them guarantee “near-absolute protection.”

Following the installation, the shelter undergoes a certification process to verify its compliance with FEMA standards. This certification provides additional assurance that the shelter has been installed correctly and can offer the reliable protection it is designed for.

Extensive Testing

Professionals installing a bunker.

FEMA-regulated tornado shelters, including concrete storm shelters, are subjected to rigorous testing protocols. This includes the Texas Tech Impact Test, which simulates the impact of debris propelled by tornado-force winds.

These tests assess the shelter’s ability to withstand high-velocity impacts, ensuring that the shelter remains intact and offers reliable protection during severe weather events. Additionally, these shelters are engineered to withstand extreme wind forces, ensuring their structural stability and the safety of occupants inside.

Get A FEMA-Compliant Tornado Shelter Installed In Oklahoma

When it comes to tornado safety, opting for FEMA-regulated tornado shelters is a wise choice. These shelters, including concrete storm shelters, garage shelters, and in-ground storm shelters, adhere to strict standards and guidelines set by FEMA.

Oklahoma Shelters offers a range of reliable FEMA-regulated options    including concrete tornado shelter, safe rooms, and tornado shelters  to ensure the safety and well-being of you and your loved ones during tornado events. All of their products are FEMA-compliant and pass the Texas Impact test. Get in touch with them for more information.

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