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4 Things to Know About Underground Shelter Installation

Underground shelters that are installed in your garage or backyard are one of the best forms of storm protection. They help provide safe and secure shelter, away from tornadoes and hurricanes that are native to Oklahoma, as well as debris and other threats from the aftermath of a storm.

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They’re also incredibly practical and make for a highly effective addition to your home. However, it’s easy to believe that they’re not worth the hassle and d effort, especially when you can seek shelter in your basement or closet. But here are a few things about underground shelter installation to change your mind and make a decision:

1. Our shelters have a ten-year warranty against leaks and corrosion

Designed to withstand even the most intense impacts, these shelters come with a range of perks and guarantees, including an incredible ten-year warranty against any sort of leaks and corrosion. This means your concerns about flooding or seepages are going to be put to rest, while you count on the quality of our product to keep you safe, come hail—or tornado.

They go above and beyond FEMA’s guidelines, including multiple tests and continuous improvements to the safety features and strength.

2. They’re attached securely to prevent floating or flooding.

When installed underground in your garage, we ensure that it is attached to RE-BAR and concrete. This is what ensures the complete safety of these shelters, preventing any sort of flooding or floating. Even when water seeps through following a storm—as it did in Moore, 2013, you know you’re safe, and so are your shelter and emergency supplies.

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3. Lids are vented to allow for safety.

Feeling claustrophobic at the thought of hiding our underground? You’re not alone! For this reason, we ensure that our design allows for safe and plentiful ventilation while you hide out inside. The complex design prevents any seepage, yet allows air to pass through easily, so you and your family remain safe and comfortable, without concerns about needing to open your shelter before necessary.

4. Installation is handled by our team personally.

As a bonus, we want to let you know that every step of the way, the team at Oklahoma Shelters will personally oversee everything from the on-site consultation to the installation process. We do not work with subcontractors, focusing on delivering all our services in-house. This is what allows us to work with such confidence in our products and services.

Still have doubts about the process? Or worried about the extensive installation and remodeling associated with underground garage shelters and storm safety rooms? Get a consultation or speak to our customer service if you’re in Tulsa or Norman, OK—call us at 405-367-7901.

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