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A kid hiding behind a bed during a storm.

Tips for Keeping Your Children Safe During a Tornado

The struggle to seek safety during a storm is terrifying in and of itself. Fear, however, takes on new meaning when you have family with you, especially children. But even if you and your family could take refuge in your garage storm shelter and keep out the elements, the experience can leave lasting psychological trauma on children, which can slow their recovery.

So, how can you help your children maintain composure in the face of a tornado? The professional staff at Oklahoma Shelters has some tips, such as the following:

Storm-Response Parenting: How to Keep Your Kids Calm and Safe

Educate Your Children About Tornadoes

Kids aren’t as naive as we give them credit for. Spend some time explaining to your child (if they are old enough to understand) what a tornado is, how it happens, why it’s hazardous, and what to do if one is approaching. Let them voice their worries and inquiries. Respond as best you can, or use simple language that they can understand.

Reflect on How You’ll Respond

Remember the phrase “monkey see, monkey do?” Children pick up life’s norms and conventions by watching and mimicking their parents or the people around them. If you act afraid and show signs of panic, your children will act the same way.

You’ve already taken the appropriate precautions by installing a tornado shelter, but stress or display of panic will only make things worse. Do all you can to keep your composure if a tornado warning is issued. Don’t let emotion cloud your thinking. Take your kids, secure the doors, gather the essentials, and get to the tornado shelter as soon as possible.

Prepare An Emergency Kit For Your Children

During a tornado warning, it’s important to keep little children close by. Make sure you have everything you need to keep them comfortable and safe, including clothing, diapers, food, drinks, a few comfort toys, a blanket, and a toddler helmet. Keep them in your sight, and do not let them go about if it starts to grow dark outside.

In the event of a tornado, seek cover in your concrete tornado shelter and stay there with your kids. If your young child is easily frightened by loud noises, it is best to keep them inside, use toddler-friendly headphones, and keep them occupied with entertaining videos and nursery rhymes.

A mother keeping her child calm.

Is There No Safe Room In Your Home?

Don’t wait; get one installed immediately! Our storm shelter experts in Oklahoma City have been constructing storm shelters for over seven years. Our concrete storm shelters, garage storm shelters, safe rooms, and underground bunkers surpass the requirements set out by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

If you’re also looking for a storm shelter expert in Norman, you can contact us immediately!

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