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A tornado in an open field

Why Is Spring Popular For Tornadoes?

Spring is a warm season that is perfect for flowers to bloom. What most people do not know is that it is also perfect for storm formation. Thunderstorms and tornadoes are historically known to occur during the spring. Similarly, cyclones are famous in the Gulf of Mexico, where dry air collides with cooler air.

This blog discusses how tornadoes are formed in spring and how you can remain safe during extreme weather with the help of storm shelters.

How Tornadoes Are Formed

Tornadoes result from cooler air colliding with more humid, warm air. As the dense air takes over its warmer counterpart, a thunderstorm is formed. This is how many different types of storms form in general.

A mesocycle then sucks in more warm air as the thunderstorm starts gaining momentum. The moist air around the mesocyclone has water droplets that form the funnel cloud, also known as the physical manifestation of a tornado storm.

Let’s look at a few tornado characteristics.

Characteristics of a tornado

  • As a tornado hits the ground, it may only last a few seconds before it vanishes. It only takes a few seconds to cause irreparable damage.
  • A twister, a much speedy tornado, is usually about 660 feet wide and has a speed of 30 mph, and travels for only about six miles before it dies out.
  • Massive tornadoes, which are much rare, travel at an astonishing 300 miles per hour and are responsible for millions of dollarsin property destruction every year.

Where Are Tornadoes Common?

In the United States, tornadoes are famously found in the Great Plains, which is the centre point of the country. This is because the atmosphere here is ideal for the formation of such thunderstorms. The area is also popularly referred to as the Tornado Alley, where storms are formed when cold air traveling south comes in contact with warm air that meets at the Gulf of Mexico.

Tornadoes are not time-bound and can form throughout the year, but the favorable conditions of the spring season make them popular around May and June.

A thunderstorm forming over an open field


Preventative Measure During A Tornado

  • If you live in an area that experiences tornadoes, it is best to invest in an underground storm shelter for your safety. Here are a few ways to protect yourself and your loved ones during a tornado:
  • Find a cozy spot to hide in. The basement, a room without windows, or the lowest area in your house are ideal.
  • Keep protective gear over yourself to avoid harm or injury, such as a table or a working bench.

The best way to keep yourself safe during a tornado is to get yourself a storm shelter with enough room for your family. If your area is known to be populated by tornadoes during the spring, it might be a good idea to prepare beforehand.

Oklahoma Shelters may be the right choice for you and your family if you are looking for storm shelters. We provide in-ground shelters, above ground storm shelters, and even Underground bunkers in OKC for our customers in Oklahoma. You can contact us for more information or a free quote shelter.

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