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Tornado hitting a village

Why Investing In A Community Shelter Is Recommended

In the face of a tornado’s strength, not even the strongest buildings have a chance. Shelters designated as “special grade” must adhere to rigorous criteria to withstand the effects of extreme weather. The responsibility of providing safe shelter to those in need falls on many community shelters, and they work hard to do so.

To get by, however, community shelters frequently need funding from a variety of sources. Your neighborhood could benefit from some funding for storm shelters. For the following reasons, funding a community shelter is strongly encouraged:

1. The Intensity Of Storms Is Rising

In the future years, scientists predict that Oklahoma’s weather will grow increasingly severe. Due to the increased humidity brought on by the buildup of greenhouse gases, tornadoes have become more frequent and intense in recent years.

2. Past Community Shelters Do Not Meet Accessibility Needs

As a result of new regulations and legislation, some areas are now inaccessible during crisis situations. Some public buildings, including schools, have been deemed insufficient as tornado shelters because they do not meet the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) guidelines.

3. Many Establishments Lack Safe Rooms

Unfortunately, many public buildings, including schools, lack adequate storm shelters. It’s a terrible situation, and it’s even more important that the public band together to help public shelters financially. Tornadoes may easily destroy homes without basements or sturdy storm shelters, and multi-paned windows make it extremely difficult for any structure to survive.

Investing some of your hard-earned income will aid in making public shelters more accessible and hospitable to those in need.

4. Disasters Are Unpredictable

Areas of high risk, such as Oklahoma, are frequently struck by hurricanes and tornadoes without warning. Even if you are given prior notice by the weather service, it may not be possible to pack up your belongings and your loved ones in time to evacuate to a safe area.

FEMA has rigorous standards for storm and tornado shelters, and these facilities meet or exceed those requirements. Making regular donations to shelters helps them acquire additional resources and expand their capacities. Since disasters can occur without warning, you should always be prepared if you find yourself outside in dangerous conditions and need shelter.

 Houses destroyed during a thunderstorm.


Here at Oklahoma Shelters, we work hard to provide safe shelters that can endure even the strongest tornadoes. In the event of a severe weather event, you can take shelter in one of our many underground bunkers or other safe rooms.

We also provide concrete storm shelters, garage shelters OKC, concrete storm shelters Oklahoma tornado shelters, steel safe rooms, underground bunkers, community shelters, and more. You can let us know what you need, and our experts will install FEMA-standard shelters in your home.

Find out more about our products by getting in touch with us.

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