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A custom-built concrete safe room by Oklahoma Shelters

Do Safe Rooms Offer More Protection Than Underground Shelters?

Are you a homeowner in Norman or Oklahoma City? You’ve probably encountered a few tornado warnings by now, which we understand can be quite anxiety-inducing for many residents. Given the climate of Oklahoma and nearby states, safe rooms and underground shelters are common additions for residential and commercial facilities.

But which of the two is safer? Find out in this contrast of safe rooms vs. underground shelters.

Safe Rooms

In the United States, safe rooms are designed to offer maximum protection against violent winds and storms while adhering to FEMA’s guidelines on constructing safe rooms. These are either made of concrete or steel, have heavy-duty doors, and can be built with insulation to regulate temperature.

Safe rooms are also useful in times of nuclear disasters, as their construction is done using materials that make it impenetrable, even for radioactive waste. However, all these features make safe rooms significantly more expensive to install.

Oklahoma Shelters offers steel and concrete safe rooms that can hold anywhere between 4 to 2 people, depending on the size you request. Connect with us for a free consultation on your property.

The inside of a concrete underground bunker with a ladder.

Underground Shelters

Unlike safe rooms, underground shelters and bunkers follow the guidelines of the ICC, specifically their NSSA 500 Standard for the Design and Construction of Storm Shelters. They are typically built within existing structures like garages or basements using lighter metals for quicker installation and fitting. However, lighter metals make for relatively-less safe shelters and lack temperature regulation as they aren’t usually insulated.

At Oklahoma Shelters, you’ll find both underground garage shelters and underground concrete or steel bunkers that follow the guidelines highlighted by relevant authorities. And what’s more, is that we use strong materials to make each for maximum protection against storms.

Still unsure about which safety mechanism is better for your home? You’ve got no reason to worry because Oklahoma Shelters can quickly assess your property and make recommendations accordingly. Call us at 405-367-7901 or leave an email at sales@sm.dev-version.com to get in touch.

All our safe rooms and underground shelters come with warranties, so you can rest assured knowing you’ve made a value-laden investment. For more information on our facilities and installation processes, read through our FAQ section.


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