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Two girls walking by the remains left behind by a tornado.

Tornado Aftermath: Your Ultimate Survival Guide!

Hearing a tornado warning for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. That’s why having a plan of action is important because you don’t want to panic when an emergency strikes.

If you’re new to the state and aren’t yet accustomed to disaster warnings, this survival guide for tornadoes can help you and your family keep safe.

1. Stay Updated On Weather Conditions

The first thing you need to make a habit of is regularly checking weather predictions. Knowing when and where a tornado might hit is crucial to your safety plan, so this step cannot be ignored. To keep tabs on the weather, you can use the National Weather Service’s official website.

2. Have A Plan On Getting To Shelter

Next on this survival guide for tornadoes is an evacuation plan for you and your family members. If the storm shelter is above ground outside your house, you’ll probably need to factor in about 10 to 15 minutes to get inside. But if it’s a safe room installed within your home, i.e., an underground bunker in your garage, getting to safety can be faster.

To cut it short, once the warning hits, grab your family members and head to the shelter without wasting any time.

 Damaged building remains after a tornado hit.

3. Keep Shelter Stocked With Necessities

Your storm shelter needs to have all necessities–food and water, emergency first aid, a communication device, warm clothing, etc. – already stocked well before the warning is announced. Because when the tornado hits, you might not have time to collect anything. So be prepared in advance to ride out the storm.

4. Use Radio To Call For Help

It always helps to have a communication device in your underground bunker to call people if you get separated from loved ones or require the help of evacuation authorities. We recommend that you keep a radio device to stay updated on the weather and communicate whenever necessary.

For residents of Norman and Oklahoma City, we have great news! Oklahoma Shelters offers free quotes on your residential facilities, so put in your details and schedule a visit. Our showroom has underground garage shelters and bunkers, concrete storm shelters, and safe rooms for you to choose from, which are installed following the safety guidelines by FEMA.

To stay safe during a tornado, you’ll need a well-built safe room in your home. Luckily, Oklahoma Shelters offers steel-safe rooms that can be built to hold up to 25-26 people. Call us directly or leave your details on our website to place an order.

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