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A 20’x50′ Safe Room built above ground.

Three Indicators To Seek Shelter In A Safe Room

The state of Oklahoma experiences many tornadoes throughout the year, causing severe damage to wildlife and property. If you live in Oklahoma City or Norman, you’ve likely had to rush for shelter, whether in your home or to the community’s storm shelter.

In times of natural disasters, being well-prepared can determine your chances of survival. Therefore, paying attention to the signs of an impending disaster is extremely important. To help you plan your evacuation, here’s how you’ll know it’s time to seek shelter in a safe room.

Atmospheric Warnings

The most authentic way to know of an impending disaster – including tornadoes – is to watch out for any atmospheric signs. These can either be observed in person or delivered by relevant authorities via announcements. For authentic warnings, keep tabs on the National Weather Service’s website.

Read the following atmospheric warnings before seeking shelter in a safe room:

1. Sky Changing Color

Often when a tornado is about to arrive, the sky might turn a shade too green or just go dark. That’s a clear sign that you need to grab your pets (if any) and rush to the safe room with your family.

2. Debris-Carrying Clouds

Another sign of an impending tornado are clouds carrying debris. These might start small but often get bigger even if there is no funnel. Make sure to stay away from windows if you see debris flying around.

3. Calm Before The Chaos

Right before the tornado is about to strike, you’ll notice a stillness in the air. Treat this as an announcement of the disaster and stay inside your safe room until you’ve been informed it’s safe to go out.

Two women shake hands in front of a grey safe room that’s been installed.

Residents of Norman, Oklahoma, can also request Community Storm Shelters for their neighborhoods with Oklahoma Shelters. We also offer high-quality steel and concrete rooms, shelters, and bunkers for installation across residential facilities. You’ll have many options in our showroom to choose from, such as garage shelters, above-ground storm shelters, and underground bunkers among others.

If you live anywhere in Oklahoma City, get a free quote on your property by filling in your details on our website, or by calling us at 405-367-7901. If you’ve got questions that our FAQ page does not address, send them along to our email at sales@sm.dev-version.com.

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