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6 Things You Need In Your Tornado Shelter

Tornadoes are a frequent occurrence in Oklahoma. By now, most of us have a plan set to seek shelter once a tornado hits. What about once we are in the shelter? What do we need then? In this blog post, we will provide a checklist of essentials to pack for your shelter once a tornado hits Oklahoma.

Radio and Mobile Phone

The first thing you want to make sure of is having multiple sources of information to keep you updated on the weather.  A mobile phone alone is not sufficient. It will lose charge and power outages are not uncommon during a storm. Use a hand-operative radio as an alternative source. Stay tuned into official weather stations of your area. Residents of Oklahoma in tornado shelters may find the All Hazard Weather Radio Program useful.

Light Source

Since power outages will happen during extreme weather, you need a personal torch or flashlight. Use it while moving within the shelter or simply reading or talking to someone else.

Battery and Portable Charger

A tornado may last a few hours. Your radio and electronic devices may or may not. Stock up on extra batteries for the radio and a portable charger for your phone.

First-Aid Supplies and Medicines

Make sure to keep your prescriptions and a first-aid kit with you in case of emergencies. People tend to panic when moving to the shelter, keeping basic bandages and knowing how to use them will come in handy. National Weather Service recommends maintaining an emergency supply kit.

A first aid kit, a pair of scissors and tweezers, cotton swabs and medicines


Snacks and Water

This is an obvious one. Keeping things to munch on and water is especially important when you have young children or older citizens in the shelter with you. When you stock your safe room, take note of expiry dates of all edible items. Change them in case they expire before consumption. Do not stock poorly packaged items. Tornadoes shelters in Oklahoma, for example, may not be able to keep stock fresh in the summers, the season when most of the tornadoes hit there.

Extra Clothes & Bedding

You probably heard the siren and made your way toward the shelter without getting the time to change. You might want to stay warm and comfortable for the hours you are in the shelter. Keep some extra clothes in there along with duvets and pillows just in case.

National Weather Service also recommends other supplies you should pack depending on your needs. The most important thing to note is that a tornado does not last longer than a few hours and a FEMA compliant shelter minimizes its risks significantly. So if you have a sound and well-stocked safe room, you have little reason to panic.

Our tornado shelters comply with and exceed the standards set by FEMA. You can order storm shelters and safe rooms oklahoma now by simply giving us a call.



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