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Inside of an underground cement shelter with a staircase.

Underground Vs. Above-Ground Shelters

If you are getting a tornado shelter installed in Oklahoma for the first time, you’ll have to decide whether you want it to be above or underground. After all, the position of a shelter determines its accessibility and how safe it is.

Both types of shelters have their own benefits that you should consider. Read on to find out which is more suitable for you.

Benefits Of An Underground Shelter

In a tornado, flying debris is one of the deadliest things you may encounter. Sturdily-built underground shelters are great safeguards against flying debris. They are also a good option for you if you have limited space available on a plot since they do not have to be built to retrofit the floor plan of a house. This gives them the added advantage of accommodating more people in emergencies. You can even use these types of shelters as storage units during off-seasons for windstorms.

The FEMA manual provides guidelines for determining the minimum floor elevation for a safe room depending on several factors. A reliable contractor will have no problem building you an underground cement shelter keeping the guidelines in mind, should you opt for it.

Benefits Of An Above-Ground Shelter

Above-ground shelters are easily accessible for young children, older people or those with disabilities. They are also much easier to install than the underground ones.

If your house or business is located in a high-risk flooding zone, above-ground shelters are a better option to keep you and your belongings safe than underground cement shelters.

Two women shaking hands in front of a steel safe room.

Which One Is Better For You

If you live in a place prone to strong windstorms and flying debris, an underground shelter may be ideal for you. On the other hand, if you live in a flood-prone area or want a shelter with easier access, an above-ground shelter is more reasonable.

One type of shelter is not better than the other. Rather, your geographic location and needs make the decision of what is best for you. The only thing we do endorse, however, is working with contractors that comply with standardized guidelines set by FEMA and ICC-50 for storm shelters.

We install inground Storm Safe Shelters OKC and safe rooms oklahoma that meet and exceed all expectations set out by FEMA and ICC-50 to guarantee near-absolute protection. We analyze the client’s needs when recommending and installing tornado shelters most suited to their needs as Oklahoma’s residents. Call us now to get a free consultation, or simply get a free quote here.

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