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clouds over a green field before a tornado.

How To Stay Safe During A Tornado

Tornadoes in Oklahoma have always been deadly forces of nature, killing two people in November of last year. Proper precautions must be taken during tornadoes to save lives. It’s important to know what to do and, equally important, what not to do when a tornado hits to ensure safety for yourself and for everyone you care about. Read on to find out how to do just that.

Plan In Advance

Avoid panicking at the last minute by preparing an action plan before a tornado hits. First things first, if you live in an area which experiences tornadoes frequently, you need to be aware of the weather signs that indicate a tornado’s formation. Tune into the official weather stations through television or radio. For tornadoes in Oklahoma, the residents may tune in to stations recommended by the National Weather Service.

Secondly, you must know where to seek shelter when you hear the first warning siren. You could be at home, work, market, driving, etc., when the local weather station sounds the alarm. Your plan for sheltering must be inclusive of all possibilities. Ensure the storm shelter is stocked with snacks, water, batteries for radio, portable chargers, first-aid kits, etc. Do drills with your family and co-workers once a year so that everyone is aware of the plan.

What To Do When The Tornado Hits

When a warning siren goes off, head over to your designated storm shelter immediately. This could be a room within your house or work building without access to the outdoors. Specialized storm shelters can also be built for use during tornadoes. There are no community shelters for tornadoes in Oklahoma, so we recommend getting one for your home. If that is not an option, take refuge under a doorway or a sturdy table. Cushion your body and head with blankets, inflatables, or pillows. Tune into the local weather station for updates on the weather.

A road near a green field with dark clouds signaling bad weather above.

What Not To Do When The Tornado Hits

Make sure you do not take shelter near a window. Mobile homes are unsafe places during a tornado. If you were driving when the warning siren went off, do not try to outrun the tornado. Instead, seek shelter options nearby. If you cannot find any, it is much better to seek refuge in a low-lying gully but be aware that these might get inundated.

In an ideal situation, you would have access to a FEMA-compliant storm shelter to withstand the intensity of tornadoes.

At Oklahoma Shelters, we install tornado shelters in Oklahoma that meet and exceed FEMA standards. Our concrete storm shelters OKC protect against flying debris, one of the most damaging elements of a tornado. Contact us for a free consultation and get near absolute protection against tornadoes in Oklahoma with our storm shelters. Hear from other residents about their experiences here.

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