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A tornado and gray clouds.

3 Myths About Tornadoes You Should Know About

Before tornado season starts, it’s best to equip yourself with safety emergency kits, essential supplies, and robust facts that will help you be prepared for risky situations.

Myths about tornadoes can be dangerous. People are often misinformed and end up in situations that can be life-threatening.

Here are three common myths about tornadoes that can be dangerous to believe.

1. Green-Colored Clouds Indicate a Tornado Formation

An incoming storm with gray clouds

One of the biggest misconceptions people believe about tornadoes is that dark green and blue clouds indicate a tornado formation.

According to AccuWeather Senior Storm Warning Meteorologists, huge and heavy thunderstorms often cause light to reflect in a way that can make the clouds appear green. Since tornadoes are typically associated with heavy storms, this might be what led people to believe that dark green clouds mean a tornado is on the way.

Tornadoes can still form if there are green clouds in the sky. But these clouds are not absolute indicators of tornadoes and shouldn’t be believed as such.

2. An Overpass is the Best Place to Seek Shelter

People often believe that if they’re driving on the highway, the overpass is the best place to seek shelter from a tornado.

The overpass is one of the most dangerous places to hide if you’ve come face to face with a tornado. Wind speed is actually significantly increased in narrow passages and it’s where most of the debris gets through. If you’re in a car, the increased wind speed might even cause your car to be pulled out.

It’s best to find a low ditch and lay down with your arms over your head if you’re ever in a situation like that.

3. Opening a Window Will Equalize Wind Pressure

Another myth about tornadoes that people commonly believe is that opening a window will equalize pressure.

Even though tornadoes usually have low atmospheric pressure, a strong wind can inflict serious damage on your home and cause any lying objects to fly around and slam into walls. It’s recommended not to open any windows when you receive a tornado warning.

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