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When Does An Above-Ground Shelter Make Sense?

Protecting yourself with appropriate equipment and safety plans is important to save your life when living in a storm-prone area.

This could involve planning ahead and preparing an emergency supply kit, staying up to date about any progressing storm, and always being ready to evacuate when the situation looks dangerous.

A statistical report reveals that, on average, there are 80 deaths every year due to a tornado or hurricane. If you live in a storm-prone area, investing in an above-ground shelter is best to safeguard yourself and your family from debris and strong winds.

Read ahead to learn when and why you should invest in an above-ground shelter.

It Does Not Fill with Water

One of the reasons why people invest in above-ground shelters is because it does not fill up with water. Floods and heavy rains can easily run into an underground shelter. This can make it difficult for you and your family to reside in a shelter when the storm hits.

An above-ground shelter does not fill with water or float out of the ground due to heavy flooding or rains.

Easily Accessible

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One of the most convenient things about above-ground shelters is that they are easily accessible. Storms and other natural disasters are unpredictable, and finding your way into an underground shelter can be difficult during a stressful time.

This especially applies to people with disabilities who wouldn’t be able to move easily with mobility aids into an underground shelter. An above-ground shelter is much easier to move into since it can be installed where it is easily accessible, and you can add a ramp when moving in wheelchairs or scooters.

You Won’t Get Trapped

Catastrophic storms can lead to a lot of debris building up. Underground shelters can get covered with soil and debris leaving you trapped for a long time.

Above-ground shelters are much easier to find after a storm. They don’t get trapped in dirt and debris; instead, they stand robustly until your neighbors or respondents can find you.

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Our shelters exceed FEMA standards and will safeguard you and your family in an emergency situation.

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