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Havoc caused after a natural disaster

Can A Tornado Shelter Be Used For Different Kinds Of Natural Disasters?

With the recent history of storms picking up, storm shelters have become more common. Conventionally, such shelters were only found in storm-prone areas but are now gaining importance throughout the country. Storm shelters are a great option to protect your family and valuables during an emergency.

This post will discuss different natural disasters and how people can avoid harm and injury with their help.

Common Types of Natural Disasters

In places like Oklahoma, where natural disasters such as tornadoes and wildfires are common, storm shelters are a household necessity.

Some common natural disasters that have historically caused extensive damage in the country are:

1. Hurricanes

After its grand appearance in 2005, Hurricane Katrina has served as an example of why we need to be prepared for the worst. It displaced 1 million people, claimed about 1,800 lives, and has been one of the most detrimental disasters in the country.

2. Tornadoes

In 2021 alone, tornadoes in the US have caused a collective loss of $229 million and are categorized among a few of the most common disasters in the country.

3. Flash Floods

Flash floods are one of the most lethal disasters in the US and result from just a few minutes of excessive rainfall.

It doesn’t matter what type of disaster is common in your area; investing in a shelter should keep you out of harm’s way. Let’s look at the type of storm shelters you can opt for and their benefits.

A stairway leading to an in-ground storm shelter


Types And Benefits Of Storm Shelters


There are two types of storm shelters: above-ground and in-ground. The type of shelter you require depends on whether you have kids or older adults in the house and the types of storms your region typically faces.

For areas prone to flash floods and rains, above-ground storm shelters work best as underground shelters might store water. In-ground shelters work best for tornadoes and hurricanes to protect structures from slamming and damage.


Above-ground shelters

  • Easy to access
  • Can be placed anywhere on your property
  • You can take it with you if you move

Underground shelters

  • Doesn’t take up extra space
  • You don’t have to step out of the house to access it


A tornado shelter is versatile and can be used for any other type of natural disaster protection. Storm shelters come in various sizes and capacities depending on your need and your family’s requirements.


At Oklahoma Shelters, we provide Underground bunkers in OKC, garage shelters, and in-ground storm shelters oklahoma, depending on the size of your family. Our manufacturing is as per FEMA standards to ensure absolute safety in need of emergencies.


Feel free to contact us to know more about our products or request a free shelter quote before availing of our services.


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