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Why is Maintaining Your Tornado Shelter Important?

Installing a tornado shelter alone isn’t enough. Maintaining your storm shelter requires some upkeep. You must make sure that your home tornado shelter is equipped with fresh and adequate supplies for you and your family. Even mild tornadoes can cause enough damage to your water and electricity supply that you might be spending more time in there.

Here is a list of supplies you should stock in your tornado storm shelter to ensure your family can stay comfortably during a hurricane or a tornado.


Medical Supplies

Having a well-equipped first aid kit with all necessary supplies for emergency care is necessary. It’s not uncommon for people to get minor injuries while looking for shelter during a tornado strike. A first aid kit and medical supplies can help you treat minor cuts and bruises. If any one of your family members has a reliance on prescribed medicine, then make sure you store sufficient doses in the shelter. Remember to store baby supplies such as diapers, wet wipes, and other care essentials if you have a baby in the family.

Food and Water

The duration of tornadoes and storms is uncertain, and once you’re safely locked in the storm shelter, you don’t know when it will end. Hence, you must store sufficient food and water supplies in your storm shelter. According to FEMA, it’s recommended to store non-perishable food and bottled water enough to last five days. Although tornadoes don’t last too long but being prepared for any outcome is necessary.

If a strong tornado hits your area, it can destroy your home, including your food supply. If your home gets wrecked by violent tornadoes, scattered debris can block your exits, keeping you inside the storm shelter longer than expected. That is why sufficient food and water supplies are necessary to ensure survival.

Backup Power Supplies

It is common for tornadoes to cause power outages. It takes more than a few days for the authorities to restore power in the affected area. During these extreme weather conditions, cellphones and radio are your only communication channel. That is why we recommend storing multiple backup batteries to ensure that your electronic devices like cellphones and radio are charged because you need them during your stay in the tornado shelter.

Jewelry and Documents

Taking all your valuable items inside a tornado shelter is not possible, but you can store crucial documents such as property deeds, insurance documents, passports, and birth certificates. Replacing and starting renovations after a heavy storm can begin soon after a tornado, but it can you months to replace your important documents

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If you’re in Oklahoma and plan on getting a tornado shelter installed in your home, you can contact us for inspection and free quotes. Invest in FEMA and IC500 certified tornado shelters and protect your home today with the best shelter services in Oklahoma.

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