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A Quick Guide to Surviving a Tornado

A tornado may look like an awe-inspiring force of nature when seen on TV or from a distance. However, up close, tornados are terrifying and destructive. Just the horrible sound of an incoming tornado is enough to send chills down your spine. When close enough, debris picked up by a tornado is more dangerous than the high-speed wind, especially in urban areas where all kinds of metallic and other heavy objects can get sucked up and rained down at any second. In areas wit frequent tornadoes, people invest in storm shelters to keep their loved ones safe. Those who do not, or are not close to their storm shelters, need to think quick and follow the given steps to survive:

incoming tornado

Have a plan ready

When an imminent threat of a tornado is confirmed, judge your surroundings and be aware of where you are, who is with you, what is the closest place to take shelter, and what potential threats, as well as useful things, are around you. Especially if you have kids or elderly folk with you, have a mental plan ready to evacuate or find shelter for them first. Also, be prepared to offer medical assistance to those around you.

Emergency kit

If you live in a tornado-prone region, such as Oklahoma, always have first aid and emergency kits at your disposal, whether in your home, office, or car. Invest in small first aid kits with the right materials, and also make a baggy of important things like torches, clothes, and other things according to your immediate needs.

emergency kit


Stay up to date on weather conditions

Tornados are unpredictable. Keep a check on the weather condition to see if things are about to get worse or better. Being well informed in times of natural disasters is key to survival.

Always protect your head

Things falling from above are your worst enemy during tornados. The powerful whirlpool of air tends to suck heavy objects up, spin them around a few times, and throw them down randomly. Make sure your head is always under shelter during a tornado, and keep an eye out for potentially dangerous flying objects.

Find a shelter

If you do not have an appropriate storm shelter built, try to look for places that can act like one until the tornado subsides. If stuck outdoors, heading to a community storm shelter could be a good idea as they usually have survival supplies for a large number of people.

When it comes to crises preparedness, it is always better safe than sorry. Consider preparing for tornados by investing in professionally manufactured storm shelters that meet FEMA requirements. Learn more about the different kinds of storm shelters, such as underground bunkers, garage shelters, concrete storm shelters, available at Oklahoma Shelters, one of Oklahoma’s most trusted and professional storm shelter services. Contact us now to get your free quote, and click here for the complete range of our products.

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